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Israel has the Global Water Solution

Water is an absolute necessity to all humans, but for one third of the planet, clean water is the ultimate luxury. Perhaps for those whose most basic need is met, access to water does not demand attention as it’s a clear given. However, for the 35% of people across the world without access to water,… […]

Vital Zinger: Wonder Woman on Wheels

Whatever you think you know about people with disabilities, forget it, and meet Vital Zinger, the woman who is radically shifting old fashioned stigmas about people with disabilities. She is creating a new conversation, not about “how I can’t walk, but what I can do, and what I can contribute as a person, not as… […]

An Israeli map of moments

For anyone who has been to Israel, a common thread plays throughout their stories. Too many “only in Israel” moments, random acts of kindness, and an overall speechlessness in how to describe the small yet solid country. Israel is one of those places which simply can’t be explained. It’s only when someone steps in to… […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Making a Statement

The trees are officially growing bras in Tel Aviv, as over 100 bras have been hung on the central ‘Tree of Life’ which sits amidst Habima Square. Though many locals questioned the newest exhibit with curiosity, it proves how crucial these kinds of attention grabbers are to introduce October as breast cancer awareness month in… […]

Sleep Study Blames the Blue Screen

Sleep is one the most important physiological functions of our body. When people don’t get enough sleep, the body and brain is affected on a long-term basis, causing a decline in concentration, can weaken the immune system, cause depression and much more. While everybody is different, the average person needs 7 to 8 hours of… […]

Israel is driving Eco

Cities from north to south are taking measures to conserve environmental resources, decrease pollution, and support the latest wave of smart transportation. Due to continuous growth of the Israeli population and as a result of the number of cars and buses on roads, municipalities across the state of Israel are establishing efforts to prevent further… […]

The Spirit of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival

“It’s not my festival. It belongs to the people.” Spoken by Amikam Kimelman, who played an instrumental role in the creation of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, and three years down the line, is still going strong, despite its shaky beginning. As a well-known producer, saxophonist and composer, Kimelman is also a founding member of… […]

Happy Holidays To You!

We wish all our readers a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The staff of Israel Between the Lines will also take a holiday break. Our next publication will be on January 5, 2017. See you next year! Read more: Happy Holidays To You!

Men’s Health in the Spotlight In Israel

Men across the globe have begun growing moustaches and beards in an unstoppable epidemic that is catching on worldwide. It began with No-Shave November, where a group of young men in Australia chose to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for the alarming rates in which men were getting prostate cancer. Their aim… […]

A personal resume

When I came to Israel for a two month stint, I didn’t expect to fall in love with this crazy little country. People sometimes ask me if I literally ‘just’ moved to Israel ‘like that’. Well, yes. It was an overnight decision, anything but rational and probably one of the best decisions of my life.… […]

Stories from the Holy Land: Tel Aviv, oh, Tel Aviv

Last week I was interviewed by a German radio station about my relationship to Tel Aviv – and I have to admit that choosing the term ‚relationship‘ is simply spot on. Tel Aviv and me, that’s like a big love story with occasional outbursts of anger. It wasn’t without reason that I left the city… […]

Hebrew University #1

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) published this year’s university rankings – and named the Hebrew Unversity of Jerusalem #1 in Israel, #1 in the Middle East and #26 among 1000 ranked degree-granting institutions worldwide. However, in comparison to the previous years, the academic landscape in Israel hasn’t overall improved. Last year, the Hebrew… […]

Why I came to Israel

Immigration to Israel is traditionally associated with Jews abroad. However, more and more non-Jewish people move to Israel – for love, for work or even simply out of passion for the country. Yet, in comparison to Jewish immigrants they are much less supported by the governmental immigration offices. We talked to four non-Jewish, German-speaking immigrants… […]

Jiddish Mamme – Myth, idol and scary

‘Do you know the difference between an Italian mum and a Jewish mum?’ The Italian mum dares: ‘If you don’t eat the soup, I’ll kill you.’ The Jewish mum however threatens the child with the words: “If you don’t eat your soup, I’ll kill myself!’ This is only one of the many jokes about Jewish… […]

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

The central theme for this year’s Holocaust Memorial ceremony is ‘Everything is Forbidden to Us, and Yet We do Everything”: The Struggle to Maintain the Human Spirit during the Holocaust.’ Not only for those who commemorate the perished Jewish people on Yad Vashem’s central square but for the whole country, it is one of the most… […]

Runway for Israeli innovations

One thing is for sure: David Ben Gurion would have been delighted! A new photo exhibition is going to entertain up to 8 million passengers on their way from the passport control to the gates at the international airport Ben Gurion. This exhibition is initiated by the Ministry of Science and showcases 60 Israeli developments… […]

A loan word portal born of great patience

After eight years of painstaking work, Uriel Adiv has published an online dictionary for German loan words in Hebrew. A “very good, wonderful thing” is known in Hebrew as a “Goldstik”. For those with a knowledge of German it is immediately obvious the word is based on the German “Goldstück” (treasure). It is just one… […]