Zum Thema: Stories from the Holy Land

Interning with Hi Tech Israeli Mentality

Coming from a culturally structured Switzerland, Benjamin Merzbacher was surprised once he landed an internship in Israel’s hi-tech, and highly adaptable, startup scene. Merzbacher had visited Israel with his family many times, yet was pulled to explore what life in Israel is actually like. More importantly, he wanted the inside scoop on how Israel was… […]

Where is it Safe to Exist as Jews Today?

“Why would you move to a country where there are bombs going off all the time?” This response was quickly fired from my friend, when I told him almost a decade ago that I would be moving from our beloved Atlantic City boards of New Jersey, to another state, called Israel. I didn’t know how… […]

Where is it Safe to Exist as Jews Today?

“Why would you move to a country where there are bombs going off all the time?” This response was quickly fired from my friend, when I told him almost a decade ago that I would be moving from our beloved Atlantic City boards of New Jersey, to another state, called Israel. I didn’t know how… […]

New Year, New Peaks

From our family to yours, we wish you a sweet new year! How has another year gone by? I could have sworn I just downed a tub of apples and honey and blew into a ram’s horn. It feels like mere minutes ago that I repented, atoned and journaled my way into the Book of… […]

The Snake Scene in Israel

Fear of snakes is widespread amidst the human population, and snakes often get characterized as scary and evil. After a snake expedition into the Israeli desert with two herpetologists, or people who study reptiles, it could be time to retell the snake story. According to André Stehlin, a herpetologist from Switzerland visiting Israel, snakes are… […]

Window Collector Leaves Legacy in Jerusalem

Avid window collector, artist and lover of Jerusalem, the late Yoram Amir left his most transparent legacy in the center of the city. In collaboration with artistic duo, Lior Peleg and Itamar Faluja, the house of window panes is made out of 550 various windows, collected by Amir throughout the years, from street finds in… […]

Israeli Summer Plagues Have Arrived

As the Mediterranean sun sits closer on the shores of Israel, the country starts to swarm with its annual array of summer plagues. The plagues do not discriminate, and are felt by the people, no matter their background, language, age, or religion. The plagues are the signal that temperatures are on the rise, ready to… […]

English Speaking Theater Group Taking on Tel Aviv  

Thousands of English-speaking immigrants move to Israel annually, and with its complex and layered language, it can be challenging to find a way to communicate and connect. About five years ago, when Guy Seemann was approached with the promise of an empty and almost unused theater, Beit Yad Labanim, he decided to listen to his… […]

Is Sherut Culture a Vehicle for Kindness?

As I stand on Ben Yehuda, a busy main street parallel to the beach in Tel Aviv, I wave down a yellow taxi – not the New York kind – but what Israelis call a ‘monit sherut’, or shared taxi. The sherut is an alternative to taking the bus, as it often runs along the… […]

Texting Terribly in Tel Aviv

“Why did you just punch me in the face?” he asked. “I didn’t punch you,” I responded. “I fist bumped you. Ehm, is that just a Jersey thing?” It was only the beginning of our blossoming text message conversation, and I quickly learned that for the majority of Israeli men, the fist emoji is a… […]

From Mindless Consumption to Mindful Consumerism

It was a rough day in Tel Aviv. I missed the bus, spent too long at the bank, forgot to eat, and cried on four street corners for no apparent reason. The craving had kicked in and I knew just what I needed. I ducked into a shop, scoured the shelves, picked something up and… […]

Tel Aviv is Expensive and Worth Every Shekel

Tel Aviv is ranked the 9th most expensive city in the world, reported by the Economic Intelligence Unit, making her a challenging place to live comfortably, save money and afford many of life’s luxurious pleasures. Despite the financial obstacles which exist on a daily basis, there is an inherent and indescribable value that lives within… […]

Cracking the Soul of Midburn

Exactly 70 years later after the birth of Israel and Jews are still wandering the desert. It’s not quite like the 40 year trek of the post Egypt escape. However, the annual Midburn event has 12,000 wandering souls somewhat escape from the societal pressures of ‘default life’ to enter the rough physical conditions of desert… […]

Vital Zinger: Wonder Woman on Wheels

Whatever you think you know about people with disabilities, forget it, and meet Vital Zinger, the woman who is radically shifting old fashioned stigmas about people with disabilities. She is creating a new conversation, not about “how I can’t walk, but what I can do, and what I can contribute as a person, not as… […]

Israel is Only a Teenager

Seventy years is like being a teenager for a new country. For a growing country like Israel who is celebrating her 70th year in existence, there are many ways to measure her growth. Simple statistics, like how Israel was only 800,000 residents in 1948 and today is home to over 8 million souls is astounding.… […]

Israeli Scavenger Hunt for Soul

Israel has been around for 70 years, yet the hidden gems continue to be uncovered within the small and complex country. Enter Joseph Waks, a passionate Israel lover who has experienced the soul of Israel and wants to share it with the world. Originally from Australia and now living in Florida, Waks travels to Israel… […]

A Pause to Remember the Holocaust

They gathered to sing about nothing other than life, while commemorating death. Today in Israel is Holocaust Memorial Day, where we remember the six million murders which took place only 80 years ago. Events, memorials and gatherings take place all over the country, including a special group singing event where 600 Holocaust survivors and their… […]

Slavery and freedom, a Passover take

A Holiday Note: We wish you a wonderful Passover and Easter celebration, full of moments of joy, family and freedom. To honor the holiday, next week we will be on break. From our family to yours, Israel Between the Lines.   Sometimes I feel like a slave. Sometimes my phone is my master, shackling me… […]

A Girl Grows in Tel Aviv

Bang, bang, bang. As I wander through the streets of Tel Aviv, I can’t help but notice the endlessly present white noise of building. Since moving here seven years ago, and inevitably landing next to a construction site with every move, I quickly understood that this city operates in constant transition mode, building itself from the… […]

Agnon hits the English books

Shmuel Yosef Agnon, also known as Shai Agnon, or for his pen name S.Y. Agnon is a famous Nobel prize winning writer who blended his truth with fictional stories and adapted Israeli history into an enigmatic reality, capturing the hearts of those who stepped into his world during his established writing career. Born in the… […]