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Madonna and Netta Kick Up Sparks for Eurovision

While there are groups of people protesting Eurovision being in Israel, the show must go on – and it’s going on big. Madonna is expected to confirm her performance to kickoff Eurovision, thanks to a one-million-dollar donation, funded by Sylvan Adams, a well-known philanthropist who moved from Canada to Israel in 2015. He has dedicated… […]

A Pause to Remember the Holocaust

They gathered to sing about nothing other than life, while commemorating death. Today in Israel is Holocaust Memorial Day, where we remember the six million murders which took place only 80 years ago. Events, memorials and gatherings take place all over the country, including a special group singing event where 600 Holocaust survivors and their… […]

Israel star hopes for win at Eurovision 2018

A Middle Eastern musical act is making waves around the world. Netta Barzilai released “Toy” and is expected to represent Israel in the 2018 Eurovision competition held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 8. Since the songs release on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day, Netta’s vibrant video has been slated as a top… […]

The Spirit of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival

“It’s not my festival. It belongs to the people.” Spoken by Amikam Kimelman, who played an instrumental role in the creation of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, and three years down the line, is still going strong, despite its shaky beginning. As a well-known producer, saxophonist and composer, Kimelman is also a founding member of… […]

Coldplay is Warming up to Israel

Ever since Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, visited Israel last year, there’s been an avalanche of press on how he was potentially scouting places to play a peace concert. Since then, rumors have been rolling out that Coldplay, one of the most popular rock bands soaring on the top charts, will be coming to Israel this… […]

Joe’s Violin of Hope

Every instrument has a story. From the hands of a Holocaust survivor in a displaced persons camp to the hands of a young girl who lived in the Bronx, Joseph’s violin certainly had a tale to tell. Joseph was born in Warsaw in 1923 and remembered playing violin as a child, in tune with his… […]

Men’s Health in the Spotlight In Israel

Men across the globe have begun growing moustaches and beards in an unstoppable epidemic that is catching on worldwide. It began with No-Shave November, where a group of young men in Australia chose to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for the alarming rates in which men were getting prostate cancer. Their aim… […]

Bob Dylan, Great Poet

The American-Jewish singer Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature for ‘for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,’ according to the Nobel Prize description. Born as Robert Allen Zimmerman, known as Bob Dylan and lovingly called ‘The Bard’ is the 15th Jew to win the literature prize.… […]

Interview with Zubin Mehta: ‘Life goes on’

The maestro sits. This is a rather rare occasion for the lively conductor who naturally takes this place at the front of the orchestra. Yet, this time, he is facing questions not instruments. It is surely going to be a musical birthday when world-renowned conductor Maestro Zubin Mehta turns 80 on April 29th this month.… […]