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How Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Made it to Israel

Over thirty years ago, Avi Singer, an Israeli who had lived in the United States for over a decade, knew he was moving back to Israel and wanted to bring back something special. Little did he know, it would lead him to establish the first and only independent Ben and Jerry’s manufacturing company in Israel.… […]

Saudi Scholar Contributes to Israeli Academic Journal

For the first time ever, a Saudi professor submitted an article in Hebrew to an Israeli publication. Professor Mohammad Ibrahim Alghbban, who heads the Hebrew studies department at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, published an article in Kesher, an academic journal by the Shalom Rosenfeld Institute for Research of Jewish Media and Communication in… […]

First Bedouin Ambassador of Israel Appointed

The first ever Bedouin Ambassador, Ishmael Khaldi, was appointed to the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, July 5. Khaldi will represent Israel in Eritrea. Khaldi grew up in Khawalid, Northern Israel near Haifa, and worked as a shepherd. He later studied political science and international relations in Haifa and Tel Aviv. He initiated a project inviting… […]

How Falafel is Fundraising for Small Business

Known for its tried and true fried balls of chickpeas, a new volunteer initiative is turning the Israeli flagship dish into a fundraising effort. It started when Yaron Karmi, an Israeli falafel stand owner, was spotted on the news just as the economy was locking down due to COVID-19. He wore his heart on his… […]

Sorrow and Celebration for Israel’s 72nd Birthday

It’s that time of year when the Jewish State commemorates great sorrow and great celebration. The back to back holiday of extremes approaches every year, and invites individuals as a collective to mourn the passing of terror victims and fallen soldiers, and then momentarily after, celebrate the birth of the State of Israel. The dissonance… […]

Passover Perspective: Standing at the Edge of the Red Sea

As our calendar once again lands on Passover and we tell the story of Exodus for the over three thousandth time, it’s quite ironic that we are trapped inside our homes. With the modern-day plague called COVID, we can recognize the universally deep shift taking place. Systems are crashing down like the blood, frogs, and… […]

Israel Lands in 14th of UN’s World Happiness Report

According to six key principles from the annual UN World Happiness Report, Israel is ranked at the fourteenth spot of the happiest countries in the world. The report ranks 156 countries “by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.” While they do acquire various statistics to support the report, the scores are “based on… […]

Will You Be My Quarantine?

Despite the public health crisis sending ripples around the globe, one human priority remains – the deep-seated need for love and connection. Yet relationship statuses around the world are being challenged, redefined, and literally, confined. With much of the world in quarantine or self-isolation, the most basic questions surface. For the single, how will we… […]

Israel Leads Industrial Revolution Forward

Dubbed Industry 4.0, Israel is supporting the advancement of the fourth industrial revolution, according to the Israel Innovation Authority. A country known for its global contribution to research and development, cybersecurity, green tech, smart transport, and more, is naturally positioning itself at the top of the driving forces of the next industrial revolution, which is… […]

Israeli Cyclists Ride in UAE Tour

With their official appearance in the Tour de France, the Israeli cycling team, Start Up Nation, received an automatic bid to compete in the 2020 UAE tour. The tour began on Sunday, and is the Middle East’s largest cycling event, and the only one in the region as part of the World Tour. It kicks… […]

That Time Israel and Sinai were Friends

I could feel the nerves running through my veins. Welcome to Egypt. It was my first time crossing the border since moving to Israel in 2010. I had heard that Israelis adored Sinai, yet the rumors quickly shifted in 2011 after an uptick of violence, spurred by terrorists whose aim was to create destruction of… […]

First Ethiopian-Israeli Heads to Eurovision

Eden Alene, who has been singing since she was three, is seeing her dream come true, as the first Ethiopian-Israeli woman who will represent Israel in Eurovision 2020. Performing Beyoncé’s Halo, Alene poured her heart into her performance with her talent, charisma and spark. Voted to the top on the Israeli television song show, HaKochav… […]

The State of Trees is Cause for Concern

Tu B’shvat is the annual birthday of the trees in the Jewish calendar. The harvest holiday is commonly celebrated by gathering for a feast, eating fruits and nuts, and planting trees. This year, in the wake of rising concerns and the dire need for environmental attention, perhaps the birthday of the trees is the perfect… […]

Dancing with Gender and Generosity

Inspired by a challenging year for the LGBTQ community, and the absurdity of the American gender reveal party, comes a performance called Genderosity. The Fresco Dance Company, founded in 2002 by Yoram Karmi, creates a captivating stage performance inviting new kinds of conversations about gender, love, relationships and sexuality “in a most generous way.” The… […]

Are We Still Surviving the Holocaust?

Another International Holocaust Remembrance Day passes, and sparks of sadness simmer within, right beside small bursts of healthy resilience. In today’s advanced, abundant, somewhat free society, it seems unreal that a mere 75 years ago, a group of 7,000 Jewish prisoners experienced their first taste of freedom from Auschwitz, what they believed was their death… […]

Interning with Hi Tech Israeli Mentality

Coming from a culturally structured Switzerland, Benjamin Merzbacher was surprised once he landed an internship in Israel’s hi-tech, and highly adaptable, startup scene. Merzbacher had visited Israel with his family many times, yet was pulled to explore what life in Israel is actually like. More importantly, he wanted the inside scoop on how Israel was… […]

Central Bus Station Key to Urban Renewal 

With an increasing population and limited space, the Tel Aviv municipality is finally turning towards its heavily neglected south. The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Local Planning and Building Commission recently approved an urban development plan which will add 13,000 square meters of housing units, 153,000 square units of business space, and 33,500 square meters in public space,… […]

Israel’s City Street Names Trending Artists

Most cities in Israel have streets named after the usual historical personalities – men who played a main role in building Israel’s state and story. Popular street names in Israel span from Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, to Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the reviver of the Hebrew language, to David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first esteemed… […]

Global Shabbat Project Flourishes in Tel Aviv

Over 1,000 young Jews gathered in Tel Aviv for the annual international Shabbat project which took place on November 15-16. In addition to Friday night dinners, there were challah bakes, special services, concerts and lectures to kick off one weekend with one simple global goal – to unite Jews across the world for one 25-hour… […]

Israel Working Towards “Brain Gain” with International Students

The startup nation is seeing the desired results after adding 26 international study programs in English to universities and colleges across the country. As of International Students Day honored on November 17, about 12,000 international students are registered to study in Israel. Half the students visit for short term or summer programs, and about 5,000… […]