Zum Thema: Culture

Get Your Chutzpah Online 

Chutzpah is the secret ingredient to Israeli culture. For the good and the bad, it’s the direct approach to being that may be unwelcome at times, yet is always authentic at least. It’s the reason complete strangers ask how much rent you pay, why you’re not married with a child, and perhaps why Israel became… […]

Lag B’Omer Tragedy on Mount Meron

We mourn for the 45 lives taken by the disaster on Mount Meron and we extend our condolences to their families. Last week on the eve of Lag B’Omer, tens of thousands of Haredim gathered to fulfill their annual tradition to visit the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, light bonfires, and celebrate. However, by… […]

Justice for Sarah Halimi: Global Protests After French Ruling

When 65-year-old Sarah Halimi was in her apartment in Paris, her 27-year-old neighbor decided to break in, brutally beat her, and then throw her out of a third-story window – targeting her because she was Jewish. The hate crime happened in April 2017, and Kobili Traore, the Muslim man who committed the crime, is now… […]

Israeli Football League Supports First Transgender Referee

Last month, the Israeli Football League (IFL) alluded to the fact that one of its referees was currently transitioning. On Tuesday, they held a press conference to support its 27-year-old referee Sagi Berman officially coming out in transition to Sapir Berman, making her the first transgender referee in Israel’s Football League.  Berman has been in… […]

How Jewish Should the Jewish State be?

From the outside looking in, Israel is surely a Jewish state; however, for the many layers of Jewish Israelis living within, the identity remains unclear. An Independence Day survey by the Jewish People Policy Institute, or JPPI, surveyed 806 Jewish-Israelis, from secular to ultra-religious, and the wide array of differing opinions is clear.  While 98%… […]

Tel Aviv Lights Up with Ramadan Kareem

The central Tel Aviv city municipality building lit up in bright Arabic lights with a “Ramadan Kareem,” wishing Arab residents who practice to “have a blessed Ramadan.” Kicked off at the spring crescent moon, 1.6 million Arabs residing in Israel honor the 30-day holiday as the holiest month and one of the five pillars of… […]

Will Israeli Tourism Be Popular Post-Pandemic?

Before March 2020, Israeli tourism was on the rise. As the economy reopens thanks to a mass vaccination campaign and the Green Passport concept, Israel may return to being a top-listed destination for global citizens who are craving a post-COVID getaway. Travel companies are already seeing bookings for the winter of 2021.  While flights are… […]

As Israel Turns 73, Population Up by 1.5% 

After last year’s Independence Day was spent in lockdown, this year has garnered a brand new appreciation for “independence.” Israel continues to cautiously reopen, with businesses, restaurants, culture spots, and general energy back to full flourishing. Wednesday evening and Thursday are lined up with organized parties, barbecues, and gatherings across the country. The annual Israeli… […]

Druze in Israel Excel in Medical Field

Making up only 2% of the Arabs in Israel, the Druze of Israel are known for their hospitality, their close-knit culture, and perhaps soon, their contribution within the medical field. Many serve in the Israel Defense Forces, which may serve as a starting point to advance within Israeli society.  One of the biggest Druze inspirations… […]

The State of Homeless in Israel

While getting his master’s degree in social work, Omri Abramovich, also a psychotherapist, took notice of the phenomenon of homeless people: how many there are, how ignored they are, and how they live. He’s been exploring it ever since, sometimes even taking to the streets himself to experience the life of a street dweller.  Making… […]

Tel Aviv University Study Confirms Facial Stress from Smartphones

A recent study confirmed that smartphone users are likely to feel anxiety and stress due to their phones, specifically leading to increased facial stress; that is jaw and mouth pain, and teeth grinding. Unsurprisingly, smartphone users also experience an increase in sleep issues and fatigue, says the study, run by the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger… […]

Women Moving Forward And Dropping Back

In the ever present world of duality, another international women’s day passes to spark a global conversation, both in celebration of their many achievements, as well as to amplify the dire need to support the seemingly second class gender.  Living in the 21st century, it’s clear how far women have come since even 50 years… […]

Culture and Tourism Coming Back to Life

The Ministry of Health has launched the Green Pass, which is essentially an approval card for people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. The pass, while some question its legality, is, for now, allowing some limited cultural events to take place. After about a year of the economic shutdown, there is a… […]

Domestic Violence: “Of course there is a huge problem.”

In families where domestic violence is part of everyday life, they suffer from the pandemic and the many lockdowns. Casualty numbers have skyrocketed, and for many women, there are only a few facilities that offered help, as most had closed their doors due to Corona. Our team visited an emergency shelter and spoke to the… […]

Red Flowers and February Showers

After only a couple of months of a wet winter, Israel’s typically neutral-colored landscapes burst into color during February, known as the month when the wildflowers bloom across forests and fields. The third national lockdown ended in perfect timing to witness nature’s cycle, as Israelis flowed to their favorite spots to seek and find the… […]

Israeli Fashion Week Gets Sustainable

Fashion is a highly creative commerce industry, yet the more abundance in design breeds more unsustainability within the industry. For the first time ever, Israeli Fashion Week will spotlight designers who focus on sustainable manufacturing and production processes. Forty of the top designers who have on-demand production cycles, use recycled textiles, and have a sustainable… […]

‘Unorthodox’ Star First Israeli Nominated for Golden Globe

Shira Haas, star of Netflix’s “Unorthodox,” was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television, announced the Hollywood Foreign Press. The nomination makes history as Haas is the first Israeli TV actress nominated for a Golden Globe, one of the most prestigious honors… […]

Was 2020 Recipe for Disaster or Renewal? 

We wish all of our readers, volunteers, and donors a healthy, happy, and enlightening new year! Happy 2021! It took only a moment for our entire world to flip upside down. It was as if someone entered each of our houses, slammed down their hands on our kitchen table, and flipped over our perfectly planned… […]

Tech Hackathon Winners Create Easier Way to Learn Hebrew

One hundred engineering and business students from Jerusalem College of Technology gathered for a 48-hour virtual hackathon, running for its fifth consecutive year. Hosted by the LevTech Entrepreneurship Center, the event ran online for the first time, and while there was a concern, it did not deplete from the spirit and energy of the Great… […]

Vertical Urban Farming on the Market

A new trend is growing, and it serves the intersection of sustainability, sales, and supermarket consumers. After a successful trial period with Israel’s largest supermarket Rami Levy, Israeli startup Vertical Field has entered a long-term partnership and will expand its “living walls” to more supermarkets in the chain. Vertical Field, founded in Ra’anana in 2006,… […]