Zum Thema: Economy & Innovation

Jerusalem Seeks More Business

Jerusalem Mayor, Moshe Lion, has a mission to make Jerusalem a hi-tech center of Israel. He’s backing it up with 1.1 million square meters of office space, approved for development in dedicated areas throughout the ancient city. Yet the reality is, that only 7% of employment in Israel takes hold in Jerusalem, and many startups… […]

Israel Ranks in Top 20 Economies for GDP 

Israel has never been in the top 20 economies for GDP per capita; however, the past year has made the strength of the Israeli economy notable despite its subsequent shutdowns during the coronavirus crisis. In the latest Forbes Israel report based on International Monetary Fund data, Israel is 19th on the global list.  GDP per… […]

Young People Would Rather Be Unemployed

Unemployment numbers in Israel continue to drop with the reopening economy, yet people under 34 seem to be staying stagnant. With unemployment benefits in place until mid-June, almost half, or 47.4%, of the young and unemployed are not incentivized to return to work. With COVID-19, many receive 70% of their paycheck, at least until June… […]

Israel Lifts Outdoor Mask Requirement

Since Sunday, Israel’s outdoor mask requirement has officially been lifted. People are still required to wear masks in enclosed public spaces; however, the removed restriction, in place for just over a year, is proof of the ample progress being made towards extinguishing the coronavirus crisis. Sunday also saw a return to regular schooling. Youth are… […]

As Israel Turns 73, Population Up by 1.5% 

After last year’s Independence Day was spent in lockdown, this year has garnered a brand new appreciation for “independence.” Israel continues to cautiously reopen, with businesses, restaurants, culture spots, and general energy back to full flourishing. Wednesday evening and Thursday are lined up with organized parties, barbecues, and gatherings across the country. The annual Israeli… […]

10 African Ambassadors Receive Israeli Air Filter System

As Israel continues to tackle, and hopefully overcome, COVID-19, other countries are still struggling to contain the deadly virus. In a recent gathering, the founders of Aura Air, a cutting-edge air purifying system, presented their product for use to various African ambassadors, from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea,… […]

Invitation For Our Readers: Webinar ‘The Abraham Accords’

Invitation for a Zoom webinar on the cooperation between Swiss Business Communities in Israel and the United Arabs Emirates for the benefit of Switzerland, co-initiated by the Israeli-Swiss Association, publisher of Israel Between The Lines. The United Arab Emirates signed “The Abraham Accords” with the State of Israel last summer, on the initiative and strong… […]

First Digital Bank Branch Set to Launch in Q3

Industries are being turned on their sides due to digital, yet banking hasn’t seen much out of the box – until the First Digital Bank. Founded by Professor Amnon Shashua, who played a founding role in the Mobileye self-driving car revolution, the First Digital Bank hopes to be a disruptor in the centuries-old industry. CEO… […]

Israeli Airport Opens and Restaurants Cautiously Return

In what everyone hopes to be a final grand reopening, Israel is returning to the next iteration of “business as usual” after its last national lockdown ended at February’s end. With COVID-19 showing a 4% infection rate, and the vaccination campaign going strong, now seems the time to clean up the mess in the middle. … […]

Airport Drama During COVID-19

One year later, with COVID-19 still filtering into our 2021, Israel has experienced a full spectrum of effects. While over half of the country has received their first vaccination given major campaign efforts, the Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered, with some exceptions to the rule. The airport was closed on January 25 as the country… […]

Early-Stage Arab Startups Receive Israeli Network Support

On a mission to “grow early-stage Arab-led startups into multimillion-dollar companies,” The Hybrid program supports eight startups per year to make the “startup investable” as soon as possible.  For the early-stage Arab entrepreneurs who are most certainly underrepresented in the startup world, there is a deep need for access to these resources, knowledge, and network.… […]

Israel Enters Third Lockdown Yet Leads in Vaccination

As of Sunday, December 27, Israel entered into its third lockdown. Recent days have shown that numbers are topping over 5,000 people testing positive, a 5.6% rate of those tested. As numbers continue to rise, Israelis of all ages are lining up to receive the vaccination. Since starting the campaign on December 20, over 750,000… […]

Tech Hackathon Winners Create Easier Way to Learn Hebrew

One hundred engineering and business students from Jerusalem College of Technology gathered for a 48-hour virtual hackathon, running for its fifth consecutive year. Hosted by the LevTech Entrepreneurship Center, the event ran online for the first time, and while there was a concern, it did not deplete from the spirit and energy of the Great… […]

Vertical Urban Farming on the Market

A new trend is growing, and it serves the intersection of sustainability, sales, and supermarket consumers. After a successful trial period with Israel’s largest supermarket Rami Levy, Israeli startup Vertical Field has entered a long-term partnership and will expand its “living walls” to more supermarkets in the chain. Vertical Field, founded in Ra’anana in 2006,… […]

ReMilk Reimagines Dairy Products – Raises $11.3 million

Imagine having a glass of dairy milk without needing a cow. Remilk is reimagining dairy products and how they are produced. The Israeli company recently raised $11.3 million dollars in their first investment round and speaks to the rising market for plant and animal alternatives. The team has uncovered a way to use only 5%… […]

Over 300 Ethiopian Jews Land in Israel

After some 15 to 20 year wait, a group of over 300 Ethiopian Jews arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on Sunday. About 200 more are expected to arrive by end of January, with thousands more still waiting for permission to emigrate to Israel. The new immigrants landed with Pnina Tamano-Shata, Israel’s Immigration Officer… […]

Corona Crisis: Financial Security Troubles While Malls Overcrowd

Adopting Black Friday shopping tradition from American culture, thousands of Israelis stood in line as a sample size of 15 malls re-opened for the first time since mid-September. With only 10 customers allowed per store, lines were massive. Opening malls is part of a pilot plan to determine whether it is safe given COVID-19. Due… […]

Israeli Economic Damage May be Minimal

A recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finds that the Israeli economy is expected to recover rapidly, despite the corona crisis. Entering COVID-19 circumstances from a place of strength support the idea that stability will return come 2021, despite the high levels of uncertainty emanating daily. Due to the quick action of the… […]

Second Israeli Astronaut Will Head to Space

Eytan Stibbe, a former flight pilot, is planning his journey to space as the second Israeli astronaut. The 62-year-old Israeli is set to launch on a mission with the International Space Station at the end of 2021. The launch will take off from Florida, and upcoming training will also take him to Russia and Germany.… […]

With Great Unemployment Comes Great Opportunity

When Shaul Goldstein, head of Israel National Parks Authority, understood the unemployment situation due to corona, he saw an opportunity to launch a project he’d been wanting to for a long time. He turned to the Finance Ministry and requested 500,000 people be hired to clean Israel’s parks and nature sites. He only received funding… […]