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Was 2020 Recipe for Disaster or Renewal? 

We wish all of our readers, volunteers, and donors a healthy, happy, and enlightening new year! Happy 2021! It took only a moment for our entire world to flip upside down. It was as if someone entered each of our houses, slammed down their hands on our kitchen table, and flipped over our perfectly planned… […]

Morocco Adds Jewish History to School Curriculum

As the fourth Arab country to make peace ties with Israel through the US-brokered deal, Morocco has chosen to diversify their education, and for the first time ever, include Jewish studies in their school primary school curriculum. Moroccan Jewish history is rich. In the 1940s, over 250,000 Jews lived in Morocco; however once Israel was… […]

Hanukkah 2020: Where’s the Miracle?

Our team at Between the Lines wishes our readers a sweet and happy Hanukkah! We’ve made it to the month of miracles! While the world waits for 2020 to end, Hanukkah kicks off as the beloved festival of lights. The holiday shares the story of the Maccabees, a small group of faithful fighters, who stood… […]

An Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian Plan to Save the Dead Sea

In 2016, three Middle Eastern men joined together with one mission – to save the Dead Sea. Oded Rahab, an Israeli entrepreneur, Munqeth Meyhar, a Jordanian environmental activist, and Yusef, a Palestinian lifeguard, may not always agree on everything, but their love of nature exceeds their need for politics. “We knew we needed collaborators on… […]

Israeli Windsurfing and Gymnastics Take Gold in European Championships

With the European sports Championships in season, Israelis are beginning to bring in the medals. Two Israeli windsurfers, Yoav Cohen and Shahar Tzuberi, won the gold and silver medals respectively in the men’s championship windsurfing race in Portugal. Katy Skychakov took the silver medal in the women’s run. For Cohen, “words cannot describe,” while his… […]

Santa Clause Floats the Dead Sea

Last Sunday, Santa Claus took a trip to the Dead Sea, decked in his full suit and carrying a decorated Christmas tree. While it’s not Christmas time just yet, this isn’t that strange for the Jewish state, which typically sees over a million Christian tourists annually. Since COVID-19 has halted the majority of international travel… […]

When Theaters Close, Creativity Opens

As Israel begins to open up after the second wave lockdown, humans are itching for connection, creativity, and community. When Nimrod Danishman discovered that his play, which had already been on stage in Israel and the United States, needed to be canceled, he decided to create a new category of theater; one that moved the… […]

Creative Minds Make the Best of Corona

Israel is slowly coming out of its second strict lockdown since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Many Israelis have lost their jobs, people across the country have not been allowed to move out of their cities for weeks. We spoke to two Israelis who used the lockdown for new creative projects … For Itamar Gur,… […]

Gal Gadot to Play Cleopatra

In the latest Hollywood announcement, Gal Gadot will play Cleopatra in a film directed by Penny Baker. Baker also directed 2017’s Wonder Woman, Gadot’s first film which skyrocketed her to fame. Many are excited to see Gadot in the 1963 remake, where Elizabeth Taylor played the late Egyptian Queen. The original Cleopatra was the most… […]

Israeli Documentary on Failed Susita Cars

The Startup Nation of today didn’t succeed in every venture, and a recent film release shares such a failure. The documentary shares about Susita, an Israeli-made automobile from the 1960s. The venture was founded by Yitzchak Shubinksy, who excelled in business and lacked integrity, yet brought the first manufactured cars to Israel. Importing British parts,… […]

Goodbye and Toda Dear Tel Aviv

I was only 24 when I met her, and it had been love at first sight. It took only a decade to know that I needed to get as far away as possible. She had swooped me up inside her bubble, catching me in her fervent frequency, inspiring me with her limitless energy, also tumbling… […]

Collector Donates 130,000 Historical Postcards to Hebrew University

A collection of 130,000 postcards was recently donated to Hebrew University. The generous donation was made by David Pearlman, an Englishman who started collecting stamps as a young boy until he realized postcards were more beautiful. Pearlman stored his collection in shoeboxes, which eventually took up so much space in his garage that he needed… […]

Israeli Post Office Goes Private

My mom called me on my 35th birthday, excited. “Did you get my card?” she asked expectantly. “Not yet,” I responded, though she proceeded to tell me that she went to the post office at the beginning of the week to send it specially. She lives two hours North of my mailbox, so you’d think… […]

How Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Made it to Israel

Over thirty years ago, Avi Singer, an Israeli who had lived in the United States for over a decade, knew he was moving back to Israel and wanted to bring back something special. Little did he know, it would lead him to establish the first and only independent Ben and Jerry’s manufacturing company in Israel.… […]

Saudi Scholar Contributes to Israeli Academic Journal

For the first time ever, a Saudi professor submitted an article in Hebrew to an Israeli publication. Professor Mohammad Ibrahim Alghbban, who heads the Hebrew studies department at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, published an article in Kesher, an academic journal by the Shalom Rosenfeld Institute for Research of Jewish Media and Communication in… […]

Food Sales Fly in First Half of 2020

Given the current need to stay home, it’s not unexpected. In the first half of 2020, food sales increased by 9% compared to 2019, meaning an additional NIS 2 billion for the food and beverage industry. With millions of households full, mid-March’s lockdown and another imminent return, plus the closing of bars and restaurants, people… […]

How Falafel is Fundraising for Small Business

Known for its tried and true fried balls of chickpeas, a new volunteer initiative is turning the Israeli flagship dish into a fundraising effort. It started when Yaron Karmi, an Israeli falafel stand owner, was spotted on the news just as the economy was locking down due to COVID-19. He wore his heart on his… […]

Sorrow and Celebration for Israel’s 72nd Birthday

It’s that time of year when the Jewish State commemorates great sorrow and great celebration. The back to back holiday of extremes approaches every year, and invites individuals as a collective to mourn the passing of terror victims and fallen soldiers, and then momentarily after, celebrate the birth of the State of Israel. The dissonance… […]

Holocaust Remembrance Day Goes Online

Every year the siren blares at 10:00AM, and for two minutes, the people of Israel come to a halt, remembering the Holocaust and honoring those who experienced the Holocaust. Solace through the suffering typically rests in being together during tough times, hearing firsthand stories of survivors, squeezing worn hands, and giving long hugs. While Holocaust… […]

Hotline for Holocaust Survivors in Need

With the coronavirus crisis hard-hitting the elderly population, many organizations are moving swiftly and making efforts to support the most vulnerable and treasured elderly community. One organization, The Gamaraal Foundation, located in Switzerland, has set up a hotline for Holocaust survivors who need food or medicine, and don’t have the capacity to attain it themselves.… […]