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Israel Sends Aid and Equipment to India

With a massive wave of COVID-19 hitting India, lack of equipment, organization, and manpower to treat the hundreds of thousands infected daily, Israel is jumping on board to support the country in crisis. With over 2.1 million cases in the last week, and 400,000 infected daily is an onslaught that no country could handle on… […]

Justice for Sarah Halimi: Global Protests After French Ruling

When 65-year-old Sarah Halimi was in her apartment in Paris, her 27-year-old neighbor decided to break in, brutally beat her, and then throw her out of a third-story window – targeting her because she was Jewish. The hate crime happened in April 2017, and Kobili Traore, the Muslim man who committed the crime, is now… […]

Druze in Israel Excel in Medical Field

Making up only 2% of the Arabs in Israel, the Druze of Israel are known for their hospitality, their close-knit culture, and perhaps soon, their contribution within the medical field. Many serve in the Israel Defense Forces, which may serve as a starting point to advance within Israeli society.  One of the biggest Druze inspirations… […]

Tel Aviv University Study Confirms Facial Stress from Smartphones

A recent study confirmed that smartphone users are likely to feel anxiety and stress due to their phones, specifically leading to increased facial stress; that is jaw and mouth pain, and teeth grinding. Unsurprisingly, smartphone users also experience an increase in sleep issues and fatigue, says the study, run by the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger… […]

Game-changing Medical Advancements Through Corona

With such laser focus on coronavirus for the last year, it’s easy for the other remarkable medical advancements to fall between the cracks. Yet ever steadily, the medical scene in Israel is serving its doctors and patients in innovative and integral ways.  Only recently, Dr. Yaron Baroc, director of the Heart and Lung Transplant and… […]

Airport Drama During COVID-19

One year later, with COVID-19 still filtering into our 2021, Israel has experienced a full spectrum of effects. While over half of the country has received their first vaccination given major campaign efforts, the Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered, with some exceptions to the rule. The airport was closed on January 25 as the country… […]

Unnatural Disaster: Worst Oil Spill in the Mediterranean Coast

The worst oil spill to date has marred at least 40% of Israel’s coastline. About sixteen towns over 106 miles situated along the Mediterranean Sea have been impacted by an undocumented oil spill that released dozens of tons of oil into the sea. Since last Wednesday, black tar is washing up along the shorelines, and… […]

Israel’s Slow Reopening Amidst Corona

As lockdown lifted last week, Israel is slowly reopening its roads, doors, and economy – and its residents are flooding out with a new sense of restrained freedom. The corona crisis remains prevalent, and precautions are being taken to prevent another increase in the spread of the virus and a fourth national lockdown. Around 25%… […]

Israeli Researchers in Top 2%; Stanford University Study

In a recent study by Stanford University, some 160,000 researchers spanning 149 countries were ranked in a peer-review scientific journal PLOS Biology. Tel Aviv University researchers, 333 of them, were ranked in the top 2% of the list, which included 22 scientific disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines. Rankings were based on impact, publications, and citations. About… […]

Israeli Vaccination Begins as Third Lockdown Announced

As the vaccination campaign kicked off on Sunday, thousands of Israelis called to book appointments, causing the system to briefly crash, keeping people on hold for up to two hours. Despite the slight chaos, by the end of Sunday, 170,000 people booked an appointment. So far, about 75,000 vaccines were given. The campaign included public… […]

ReMilk Reimagines Dairy Products – Raises $11.3 million

Imagine having a glass of dairy milk without needing a cow. Remilk is reimagining dairy products and how they are produced. The Israeli company recently raised $11.3 million dollars in their first investment round and speaks to the rising market for plant and animal alternatives. The team has uncovered a way to use only 5%… […]

Israel Environmental Minister Fines Chevron-Noble Energy

With ongoing public unrest about how big business is harming the environment, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel is starting to take a stronger public stand to ensure Israel becomes sustainable, and that the precious resources of our environment are indeed protected. Known oil company, Noble Energy, which was acquired by US-based Chevron in October 2020,… […]

Interview with Prof. Gabriel Izbicki, Pulmonary Institute Director 

As Israel enters its tenth month of experiencing COVID-19, officials are hopeful that an upcoming vaccine will be the cure. We spoke with Professor Gabriel Izbicki, Director of the Pulmonary Institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, who has been operating on the front lines since the first drop of coronavirus in March. Izbicki… […]

Women’s Health Innovation at Sheba Medical Center

A new center for FemTech has opened in hopes of changing the clinical paradigms around women’s health. Situated in Ramat Gan’s Sheba Medical Center, the Women’s Health Innovation Center has been operating since July within the ARC, or Accelerate Redesign Collaborate Design Center. The director of the new center, Dr. Avi Tsur, is overseeing about… […]

Saving Water Despite Desert Lands

It’s no secret that water is in short supply and large demand in Israel. While the country placed itself on the map for water desalination and drip irrigation as resource-saving hacks, climate change, and population growth are quickly creating an undeniable truth – the water is drying up. Despite having cultivated much of its desert… […]

Llamas, Clowns, and a Corona Update

People lined the streets, standing outside hundreds of reopened street stores on Sunday. Only 4 people are allowed to enter stores at a time, yet the hopeful return to normalcy could be felt as people waited patiently to support their local shop owners and the 80,000 people who have returned to work. However, after a… […]

Plant Fiber is the New Plastic

For people who want to ‘go green,’ packaging companies make it nearly impossible. Supermarket shelves are filled with plastics, and the majority of plastic pollution can be attributed to the increase in packaging. Plastic packaging is known to extend the shelf life of food, including meats and vegetables, yet there is a new material on… […]

A Life-Saving App for Distracted Drivers               

Over three thousand five hundred people die every year because of texting while driving. Distracted driving has become the number one reason why roads are unsafe, especially with the rise of unhealthy phone habits and addiction. A Globes report states that 25% of accidents are caused by using cell phones, and about 1.6 million accidents… […]

Corona Vaccine Trials As Israel Slowly Reopens

This past Sunday saw Israeli society slowly reopening in phase two, where schools and synagogues opened their doors. Students from grades 1-4 returned to their classrooms in capsules of 18, though afterschool programs do not limit the number of students. Indoor prayer rooms cannot hold more than 10 people, and no more than 20 people… […]

Corona Lockdown Makes Small Businesses Creative

Small businesses are supposed to be shut down; however, some are finding stealth ways to stay open. A flower shop starts selling “agricultural products” and herbs. A falafel shop delivers to the closest bench. A clothing store starts to sell fruits and vegetables. Coffee shops serve coffee in paper bags. Still feeling the effects of… […]