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Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 104th Birthday with 400 Offspring

On her 104th birthday, Shoshana Ovitz had one wish for all of her children, grandchildren and descendants to meet at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. About 400 family members showed up to celebrate, fulfilled her birthday request. Ovitz survived the Holocaust, specifically Auschwitz, and suffered the loss of her family, witnessing her mother being taken… […]

An Opportunity in Destruction

Av is known as the month in the Jewish calendar when “our joy is diminished.” It all started 2,000 years ago, on the ninth of Av, marked as Tisha B’Av, when the Jewish temple was destroyed. Only 600 years later, the second temple was destroyed, on the same day. Since then, Tisha B’Av has seen… […]

Nature Reserve Declared in Mitzpe Ramon

A new nature reserve has been declared in the Mitzpe Ramon area, a southern point in the Negev, known for its desert lands and its naturally formed craters. Home to five craters, the two most well-known are the Ramon Crater and the Big Crater. In a recent decision, the Small Crater, or the third largest,… […]

Is Sherut Culture a Vehicle for Kindness?

As I stand on Ben Yehuda, a busy main street parallel to the beach in Tel Aviv, I wave down a yellow taxi – not the New York kind – but what Israelis call a ‘monit sherut’, or shared taxi. The sherut is an alternative to taking the bus, as it often runs along the… […]

Israel is World’s 5th Most Innovative Economy

In Bloomberg’s 2019 Innovation Index, Israel was named the 5th most innovative country in the world, making a notable jump from last year’s number ten spot. The number one spot is held by South Korea, who has held the position for the past six years, followed by Germany, Finland and Switzerland. The annual Bloomberg Innovation… […]

Israeli Trauma Team Flies to Pittsburgh

In the worst antisemitic tragedy of recent, 11 people were killed in cold blood during Saturday morning prayers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A far-right activist and online troll, Robert Bowers, 46, stormed the synagogue during the weekly Sabbath services with an assault rifle, shooting 11 community members dead, including a… […]

Sukkot Celebrations Kickoff in Israel

Sending a Happy Sukkot to all of our readers, members, donors and friends! Chag Sameach! The Sukkot holiday is the third in the Hebrew high holiday series, and the final celebration before Jewish holiday fever ends for the season. Sukkot is celebrated as a historical and agricultural holiday, placed conveniently after Rosh Hashana, the Jewish… […]

Israeli Economy Grows and Need for Inclusivity Does Too

The Israeli economy is booming, and the societal split is growing larger with each step forward. A recently released 2018 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD report, shows what might seem like advancement in Israel’s society; however, the economic gaps between groups like the Haredim and Arabs are only growing further with low employment… […]

Follow Tel Aviv’s New Yellow Brick Road

Wander along the golden line of Tel Aviv, dubbed Independence Trail, a new walking path which offers tourists and locals an interactive and informational way to learn about Tel Aviv’s role in Israel’s independence. Independence Trail aims to celebrate the history of Tel Aviv beginning in 1909 and highlighting ten central spots which honor the… […]

Israel is Only a Teenager

Seventy years is like being a teenager for a new country. For a growing country like Israel who is celebrating her 70th year in existence, there are many ways to measure her growth. Simple statistics, like how Israel was only 800,000 residents in 1948 and today is home to over 8 million souls is astounding.… […]

A Pause to Remember the Holocaust

They gathered to sing about nothing other than life, while commemorating death. Today in Israel is Holocaust Memorial Day, where we remember the six million murders which took place only 80 years ago. Events, memorials and gatherings take place all over the country, including a special group singing event where 600 Holocaust survivors and their… […]

Slavery and freedom, a Passover take

A Holiday Note: We wish you a wonderful Passover and Easter celebration, full of moments of joy, family and freedom. To honor the holiday, next week we will be on break. From our family to yours, Israel Between the Lines.   Sometimes I feel like a slave. Sometimes my phone is my master, shackling me… […]

Rare Dead Sea Scrolls on display

Imagine Noah himself sharing his story of the ark. Today, a glimpse of his story through a piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls will be on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Seventy years ago, the stories of Abraham, Noah and other biblical legends were discovered. For the first time ever, the ‘Genesis Apocryphon’… […]

Civil marriage matters

Thousands of lovers in Israel cannot achieve what most would call a “happily ever after,” or in simple terms, are unable to get married in Israel. Current marriage laws in Israel are strictly enforced and controlled by the Ultra-Orthodox religious parties, meaning that thousands of people either do not meet the necessary religious requirements, or… […]

The Purim Tale of Power Women

In a modern land steeped with ancient patriarchy, the annual Purim celebration has landed, and humanity has much to learn from the Jewish holiday story and its characters. Purim is known as a joyous holiday and is celebrated in four ways in Jewish tradition. People read the Megillah, or the story of Esther, dress up,… […]

Holocaust Remembrance and the Rise of Hate

Every year on January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, when people from across the globe commemorate the tragedy which took place during World War II. The notable day is intended to honor the victims who suffered through and because of the Holocaust, remembering the widespread genocide which occurred with the unfortunate combination of hatred, ignorance… […]

Agnon hits the English books

Shmuel Yosef Agnon, also known as Shai Agnon, or for his pen name S.Y. Agnon is a famous Nobel prize winning writer who blended his truth with fictional stories and adapted Israeli history into an enigmatic reality, capturing the hearts of those who stepped into his world during his established writing career. Born in the… […]

Will Supermarkets be forced to shut on Shabbat?

The Supermarkets Law is a new legislation presented by the Ultra-Orthodox Shas party in the Israeli government. The law is up for a vote, and if voted favorably, would allow the government to authorize that all supermarkets and convenience stories throughout Israel be closed on Shabbat, from Friday evening to Saturday evening, with the exception… […]

Hannukah Miracles are Happening

When the Greeks attempted to force their culture and religion on the Jews of Israel, the Greeks chose to act in violence. They destroyed the Second Temple, the Jewish house of worship, and surrounded the scene with Greek statues and pigs, both signs of intolerance and disrespect. What today would be considered a serious hate… […]

Honours for Carl Lutz – a hero at the right time

Carl Lutz can be easily described as “forgotten hero” in his home country Switzerland. In Israel however the situation is different, as he was the first Swiss to be recognized by Yad Vashem as “Righteous Among the Nations”. A new scenic lookout high above the Sea of Galilee was inaugurated in his honour this week.… […]