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Lag B’Omer Tragedy on Mount Meron

We mourn for the 45 lives taken by the disaster on Mount Meron and we extend our condolences to their families. Last week on the eve of Lag B’Omer, tens of thousands of Haredim gathered to fulfill their annual tradition to visit the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, light bonfires, and celebrate. However, by… […]

Justice for Sarah Halimi: Global Protests After French Ruling

When 65-year-old Sarah Halimi was in her apartment in Paris, her 27-year-old neighbor decided to break in, brutally beat her, and then throw her out of a third-story window – targeting her because she was Jewish. The hate crime happened in April 2017, and Kobili Traore, the Muslim man who committed the crime, is now… […]

Israeli Football League Supports First Transgender Referee

Last month, the Israeli Football League (IFL) alluded to the fact that one of its referees was currently transitioning. On Tuesday, they held a press conference to support its 27-year-old referee Sagi Berman officially coming out in transition to Sapir Berman, making her the first transgender referee in Israel’s Football League.  Berman has been in… […]

How Jewish Should the Jewish State be?

From the outside looking in, Israel is surely a Jewish state; however, for the many layers of Jewish Israelis living within, the identity remains unclear. An Independence Day survey by the Jewish People Policy Institute, or JPPI, surveyed 806 Jewish-Israelis, from secular to ultra-religious, and the wide array of differing opinions is clear.  While 98%… […]

Playing with the Polarity of One Moment

We live in a world with so many sides, yet somehow our language has whittled its way into a binary state of being. Good or bad, right or left, dark or light. Male or female, black or white, us or them. The need to “choose a side” implies that one’s success means another’s failure, or… […]

As Israel Turns 73, Population Up by 1.5% 

After last year’s Independence Day was spent in lockdown, this year has garnered a brand new appreciation for “independence.” Israel continues to cautiously reopen, with businesses, restaurants, culture spots, and general energy back to full flourishing. Wednesday evening and Thursday are lined up with organized parties, barbecues, and gatherings across the country. The annual Israeli… […]

Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue is Being Renovated

Built in the 1920s, Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue is getting a facelift. Its historic architecture will be smoothly reconstructed to a Bauhaus-like facelift, and a new building section will be added as a visitors’ center to make its history accessible to the public. The Great Synagogue is one of the spots on the historical Tel… […]

Anita Winter Awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

In February, Anita Winter, Founder and President of the Swiss Gamaraal Foundation, received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German Ambassador to Switzerland presented the Federal Cross of Merit saying, “For you, dear Ms. Winter, as the second generation of Holocaust survivors, it is a matter close to your heart… […]

Morocco Adds Jewish History to School Curriculum

As the fourth Arab country to make peace ties with Israel through the US-brokered deal, Morocco has chosen to diversify their education, and for the first time ever, include Jewish studies in their school primary school curriculum. Moroccan Jewish history is rich. In the 1940s, over 250,000 Jews lived in Morocco; however once Israel was… […]

Hanukkah 2020: Where’s the Miracle?

Our team at Between the Lines wishes our readers a sweet and happy Hanukkah! We’ve made it to the month of miracles! While the world waits for 2020 to end, Hanukkah kicks off as the beloved festival of lights. The holiday shares the story of the Maccabees, a small group of faithful fighters, who stood… […]

Over 300 Ethiopian Jews Land in Israel

After some 15 to 20 year wait, a group of over 300 Ethiopian Jews arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on Sunday. About 200 more are expected to arrive by end of January, with thousands more still waiting for permission to emigrate to Israel. The new immigrants landed with Pnina Tamano-Shata, Israel’s Immigration Officer… […]

The Biggest Beach Cleanup Hopes to Break Global Record

With at least 26 collaborating organizations, 12,000 people attending via the Facebook event, and over 100 locations on the cleanup list, Israel is planning to turn up to clean up this Friday, October 30. The coalition of organizations includes The Coalition of the Mediterranean People, Life and Environment, Coastal Authorities Organization, EcoOcean. The groups have… […]

Thousands of Protests Take Place During COVID

With coronavirus numbers reaching record heights in Israel, the country is in lockdown for an undetermined time. Originally stated to end after the holidays on October 11, officials say the closings will continue until COVID numbers decrease to at least 7%. Today they stand at around 11%, dropping slightly from last week. The extension will… […]

How Israel is Moving Through Corona

The second wave of corona isn’t getting better. Numbers continue to increase, hospital wards across the country are overcapacity, and the public continues to protest the lack of governmental support. The silver lining continues to be the people moving with purpose and passion, to make corona times just a bit easier and lighter for all.… […]

Israel’s Current Corona Economy

 An all-in-one protest hit the Tel Aviv streets last Saturday night gathering 10,000 Israeli residents at Rabin Square, who were rallying for better support during the financially challenging times amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Members from the restaurant world, entertainment industry, social workers, students, and artists were present, who have all been hit hard. There… […]

How Falafel is Fundraising for Small Business

Known for its tried and true fried balls of chickpeas, a new volunteer initiative is turning the Israeli flagship dish into a fundraising effort. It started when Yaron Karmi, an Israeli falafel stand owner, was spotted on the news just as the economy was locking down due to COVID-19. He wore his heart on his… […]

Sorrow and Celebration for Israel’s 72nd Birthday

It’s that time of year when the Jewish State commemorates great sorrow and great celebration. The back to back holiday of extremes approaches every year, and invites individuals as a collective to mourn the passing of terror victims and fallen soldiers, and then momentarily after, celebrate the birth of the State of Israel. The dissonance… […]

Holocaust Remembrance Day Goes Online

Every year the siren blares at 10:00AM, and for two minutes, the people of Israel come to a halt, remembering the Holocaust and honoring those who experienced the Holocaust. Solace through the suffering typically rests in being together during tough times, hearing firsthand stories of survivors, squeezing worn hands, and giving long hugs. While Holocaust… […]

Hotline for Holocaust Survivors in Need

With the coronavirus crisis hard-hitting the elderly population, many organizations are moving swiftly and making efforts to support the most vulnerable and treasured elderly community. One organization, The Gamaraal Foundation, located in Switzerland, has set up a hotline for Holocaust survivors who need food or medicine, and don’t have the capacity to attain it themselves.… […]

Will You Be My Quarantine?

Despite the public health crisis sending ripples around the globe, one human priority remains – the deep-seated need for love and connection. Yet relationship statuses around the world are being challenged, redefined, and literally, confined. With much of the world in quarantine or self-isolation, the most basic questions surface. For the single, how will we… […]