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Israel Enters Third Lockdown Yet Leads in Vaccination

As of Sunday, December 27, Israel entered into its third lockdown. Recent days have shown that numbers are topping over 5,000 people testing positive, a 5.6% rate of those tested. As numbers continue to rise, Israelis of all ages are lining up to receive the vaccination. Since starting the campaign on December 20, over 750,000… […]

Tech Hackathon Winners Create Easier Way to Learn Hebrew

One hundred engineering and business students from Jerusalem College of Technology gathered for a 48-hour virtual hackathon, running for its fifth consecutive year. Hosted by the LevTech Entrepreneurship Center, the event ran online for the first time, and while there was a concern, it did not deplete from the spirit and energy of the Great… […]

Corona Crisis: Financial Security Troubles While Malls Overcrowd

Adopting Black Friday shopping tradition from American culture, thousands of Israelis stood in line as a sample size of 15 malls re-opened for the first time since mid-September. With only 10 customers allowed per store, lines were massive. Opening malls is part of a pilot plan to determine whether it is safe given COVID-19. Due… […]

Israeli Economic Damage May be Minimal

A recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finds that the Israeli economy is expected to recover rapidly, despite the corona crisis. Entering COVID-19 circumstances from a place of strength support the idea that stability will return come 2021, despite the high levels of uncertainty emanating daily. Due to the quick action of the… […]

With Great Unemployment Comes Great Opportunity

When Shaul Goldstein, head of Israel National Parks Authority, understood the unemployment situation due to corona, he saw an opportunity to launch a project he’d been wanting to for a long time. He turned to the Finance Ministry and requested 500,000 people be hired to clean Israel’s parks and nature sites. He only received funding… […]

Llamas, Clowns, and a Corona Update

People lined the streets, standing outside hundreds of reopened street stores on Sunday. Only 4 people are allowed to enter stores at a time, yet the hopeful return to normalcy could be felt as people waited patiently to support their local shop owners and the 80,000 people who have returned to work. However, after a… […]

Plant Fiber is the New Plastic

For people who want to ‘go green,’ packaging companies make it nearly impossible. Supermarket shelves are filled with plastics, and the majority of plastic pollution can be attributed to the increase in packaging. Plastic packaging is known to extend the shelf life of food, including meats and vegetables, yet there is a new material on… […]

Jerusalem Will Build to 50 Floors

In a controversial move, Jerusalem, a city steeped in history, tradition and ancient culture, is turning a new leaf. Despite being loved for its low Old City skyline, the municipality has recently approved a series of new high rises. Once upon a time the city was allowed only to build up to 8 stories, slowly… […]

Corona Lockdown Makes Small Businesses Creative

Small businesses are supposed to be shut down; however, some are finding stealth ways to stay open. A flower shop starts selling “agricultural products” and herbs. A falafel shop delivers to the closest bench. A clothing store starts to sell fruits and vegetables. Coffee shops serve coffee in paper bags. Still feeling the effects of… […]

Israeli Inventor Wins Women4Climate Challenge

Anai Green is one of four winners in the annual Women4Climate Tech Challenge. The organization Women4Tech is led by female mayors, scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and activists on a mission to create an inclusive and diverse space for the innovation, environment, and technology sectors. The tech challenge is to promote projects led by women, which must… […]

Thousands of Protests Take Place During COVID

With coronavirus numbers reaching record heights in Israel, the country is in lockdown for an undetermined time. Originally stated to end after the holidays on October 11, officials say the closings will continue until COVID numbers decrease to at least 7%. Today they stand at around 11%, dropping slightly from last week. The extension will… […]

Israeli Trust Plummets as COVID Cases Rise

Continuing to break records, Wednesday in Israel saw more confirmed COVID-19 cases in one day than in America, with numbers coming in at 8,919. As numbers continue to rise, over 500 people joined the list of fatalities in the past 3 weeks, bringing the total to 1,571. Serious cases have reached 810, with 206 people… […]

Israeli Unemployment Rate Soars; Amazon Hires

The day before the second lockdown began, over 41,000 new people entered the unemployment system, a sign of deep danger for the Israeli economy. The unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been at 24%, and young people, elderly, and families are those most affected by the lack of income. Children are also suffering,… […]

Israel Imposing Stricter Lockdown as COVID Ensues

After announcing a three-week lockdown during the Jewish high holiday season, officials are seeking to impose even stricter rules and regulations with the current 12.7% coronavirus confirmation rate. With schools, hotels, and all non-essential businesses closed, the majority of private businesses and sukkot markets will join the statewide closures on Friday at 2:00PM. Synagogues will… […]

100 Startups Hackathon in Tel Aviv

With a 25% decrease in private investments, the Israeli “Startup Nation” is in need of solutions in a post-COVID world. In a poll from Israel Innovation Authority, about 29% of startups have had to fire employees, which has caused many talented people to lose their jobs. In order to help solve the problem, a few… […]

Israeli Post Office Goes Private

My mom called me on my 35th birthday, excited. “Did you get my card?” she asked expectantly. “Not yet,” I responded, though she proceeded to tell me that she went to the post office at the beginning of the week to send it specially. She lives two hours North of my mailbox, so you’d think… […]

Tel Aviv Gets a Ferry?

As light rail construction ensues until its alleged end date in 2022, all roads leading to Tel Aviv continue to grow in traffic congestion – though a new and quite creative solution was proposed – a ferry system. The idea was sourced by Miri Regev, the newly appointed Transportation Minister, who asked for solutions in… […]

How Israel is Moving Through Corona

The second wave of corona isn’t getting better. Numbers continue to increase, hospital wards across the country are overcapacity, and the public continues to protest the lack of governmental support. The silver lining continues to be the people moving with purpose and passion, to make corona times just a bit easier and lighter for all.… […]

Artificial Intelligence Saves the Beehives

Each year, about 40% of beehives collapse, causing millions of bees to die. Compared to a 3% mortality rate at its lowest, today, decades later, the bee mortality rate stands at 35%. Most of the hive collapse happens on commercial bee farms, where there is less manpower and expertise in how to mindfully manage a… […]

Corona Unrest and Israel Updates

Despite the Corona Cabinet of the Knesset holding meetings throughout the week, restrictions remain uncertain, as conflicting information filters into the public eye. Last week saw a call to close gyms, pools, and restaurants by the Knesset heads, yet the Cabinet pushed back, questioning if closing these recreational hubs serves the public. With over 30,000… […]