Zum Thema: Film

Rare Jerusalem Footage from 1930s Emerges

In recently released and rare footage, a new, yet ancient side of Jerusalem can be seen. Thanks to a vacation of the Margulis family, what might be the first color film documenting Jerusalem is now available to the public. The footage turned over to the Jerusalem Cinematheque, who has spent the last three years working… […]

Israeli Photographer Treks for Polar Bears

Amos Nachoum is committed to capturing wildlife behavior, and fearlessly pursues the likes of whales, sharks and his latest conquest to fulfill his dream – the arctic polar bear. In a film called Picture of His Life, Amos, a world-renowned photographer who has twice been named Wildlife photographer of the year, and a team ready… […]

Netflix is Number One Brand in Israel

In the past decade, Netflix has risen as the not so quiet disruptor in the media broadcasting business. Per a recent Globes report, Netflix is now considered the most successful brand in Israel, sharing the same prestige as its predecessors like Coca Cola and Google. In Israel alone, Netflix has seen a market price increase… […]

Israeli Director Wins the Oscar

Israeli Native and Film Director Guy Nattiv, won the Oscar Award for “Live Action Short Film” for Skin, a 20-minute clip portraying a hate crime, and the impact it has for a black and a white child. Nattiv, along with his wife, Jamie Ray Newman, who produced the movie, and screenwriter Sharon Mayman, took the… […]

Tel Aviv White Night Illuminates Israeli Culture

On the annual Tel Aviv White Night, the nonstop city pulls an all-nighter to celebrate her culture, her growth, and her ever growing community. The all-night tradition began in 2003 after UNESCO named Tel Aviv’s White City a historical heritage site. With over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings built in the 1930s by a slew of German… […]

Israeli Scavenger Hunt for Soul

Israel has been around for 70 years, yet the hidden gems continue to be uncovered within the small and complex country. Enter Joseph Waks, a passionate Israel lover who has experienced the soul of Israel and wants to share it with the world. Originally from Australia and now living in Florida, Waks travels to Israel… […]

Israeli Television Soaring on Screens

Just fifty years ago, Israeli television broadcasted black and white images from the Independence Day Parade. Coming right up in May is the official 50th anniversary of Israeli broadcasting, and with plenty of reason to celebrate as Israeli television is stepping full force into the spotlight as an influential, innovative and ever-growing marketplace. It all… […]

Short Israeli Film Breaks Worldwide Record

A 20-minute documentary directed by Tel Aviv University student Lior Geller has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the record-breaking amount of awards it has received worldwide. Steve Tisch from the Tel Aviv University Film and Television Department, says the movie has been shown in over 60 festivals across 36 countries, and has… […]

Award-winning Film peeks into Liberal Arab World

We’re finally getting a proper peek into the Israeli Arab world, and the Arab leadership is already calling for a boycott. “In Between” is an award winning film, recently released, which shares the story of three Arab women who decide to leave their small village of Umm al-Fahm and move to Tel Aviv, the most… […]

Arabic ‘Sand Storm’ at Academy Awards

This is a first in Israel’s film industry: The award-winning film ‘Sand Storm’ is a directorial debut by Elite Xexer and is now on its way to represent Israel at the upcoming Academy Awards. The catch is that the Israeli family drama ‘Sand Storm’ is spoken entirely in Arabic. The plot is about a remote… […]

Well said, Nathalie Portman

Israeli US-actress Nathalie Portman is not only supposed to be one of the most beautiful Israeli women, she is now starring for the first time in Hebrew! However, in order to brush up her American-accented pronunciation, she had to learn an outdated version of Hebrew, namely spoken in Jerusalem’s 1940s. For Amos Oz’ film adaptation… […]

Israeli Films win in Cannes

Or Sinai’s drama ‘Anna’ won the first place in the Cinéfondation student film competition in Cannes while Asaph Polonsky won a Critics’ Week award for his comedy-drama ‘One Week and a Day’. Both films feature Evgenia Dudina as main actress. Sinai, who graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem, depicts a… […]