Zum Thema: Festival

Window Collector Leaves Legacy in Jerusalem

Avid window collector, artist and lover of Jerusalem, the late Yoram Amir left his most transparent legacy in the center of the city. In collaboration with artistic duo, Lior Peleg and Itamar Faluja, the house of window panes is made out of 550 various windows, collected by Amir throughout the years, from street finds in… […]

Israeli Director Wins the Oscar

Israeli Native and Film Director Guy Nattiv, won the Oscar Award for “Live Action Short Film” for Skin, a 20-minute clip portraying a hate crime, and the impact it has for a black and a white child. Nattiv, along with his wife, Jamie Ray Newman, who produced the movie, and screenwriter Sharon Mayman, took the… […]

Madonna and Netta Kick Up Sparks for Eurovision

While there are groups of people protesting Eurovision being in Israel, the show must go on – and it’s going on big. Madonna is expected to confirm her performance to kickoff Eurovision, thanks to a one-million-dollar donation, funded by Sylvan Adams, a well-known philanthropist who moved from Canada to Israel in 2015. He has dedicated… […]

Sukkot Celebrations Kickoff in Israel

Sending a Happy Sukkot to all of our readers, members, donors and friends! Chag Sameach! The Sukkot holiday is the third in the Hebrew high holiday series, and the final celebration before Jewish holiday fever ends for the season. Sukkot is celebrated as a historical and agricultural holiday, placed conveniently after Rosh Hashana, the Jewish… […]

Jerusalem Light Festival Brightens Old City

There is something mesmerizing about a fresh splash of light hitting the most historical buildings of the past. For the tenth year in a row, the Jerusalem Light Festival illuminates the ancient building designs of the past with a large dose of international imagination, allowing hundreds of thousands of local residents and tourists to visualize… […]

Tel Aviv White Night Illuminates Israeli Culture

On the annual Tel Aviv White Night, the nonstop city pulls an all-nighter to celebrate her culture, her growth, and her ever growing community. The all-night tradition began in 2003 after UNESCO named Tel Aviv’s White City a historical heritage site. With over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings built in the 1930s by a slew of German… […]

Cracking the Soul of Midburn

Exactly 70 years later after the birth of Israel and Jews are still wandering the desert. It’s not quite like the 40 year trek of the post Egypt escape. However, the annual Midburn event has 12,000 wandering souls somewhat escape from the societal pressures of ‘default life’ to enter the rough physical conditions of desert… […]

Historical Moment in Israel’s Cycling Future

History is in the making as the Giro d’Italia, the Italian grand bike tour will leave its European home for the first time in 101 years to jump start in Jerusalem, Israel on May 4. About 176 of the world’s best cyclists will spend the first three stages of the 21-stage race riding the hills… […]

The Purim Tale of Power Women

In a modern land steeped with ancient patriarchy, the annual Purim celebration has landed, and humanity has much to learn from the Jewish holiday story and its characters. Purim is known as a joyous holiday and is celebrated in four ways in Jewish tradition. People read the Megillah, or the story of Esther, dress up,… […]

Scarlet flower season blossoms in Israel

Every year between January and March, a floral phenomenon unfolds across the southern fields of Israel. Aptly called Darom Adom, or Red South, thousands of red anemone flowers blossom to create beautiful red blankets of nature. The red anemone, called kalanit in Hebrew, is Israel’s National flower, and is celebrated every February with a Darom… […]

Why I Think Every Day Should be Sukkot

It started when I was in grade school. We would spend one day a year hopping from hut to hut, judging our favorites based on decorative space, dessert menu, and parental kindness, or how big they sliced the rainbow cake. As a young student at Hebrew day school, it quickly became one of the most… […]

Jerusalem Pulls in Over 200 Global Artists

Kicking off from October 2 until the end of November is the Jerusalem Biennale, an international art exhibition which invites global artists to contribute to beautifying the holy city based on a chosen theme, this year’s being ‘watershed moments.’ A watershed moment is defined as a point in history which brings along change, and based… […]

Tel Aviv Ignites with Innovation Fair

Since 2013, thousands of innovators have gathered in Tel Aviv to connect, create and meet at the DLD Innovation Fair. On its fifth consecutive year, the event is set to welcome thousands of people, about 120 delegations from across the world, and hundreds of global startups. With dozens of events hitting Tel Aviv city, attendees… […]

Wine Industry is Flourishing

With its borders smaller than the state of New Jersey, it’s incredible to imagine the exponential way the Israeli wine industry has grown. Israel’s climate and various topographies offer an abundant advantage to vineyards which are scattered throughout the country. From the heat of the Negev desert, to the cold and snowy Hermon mountain, each… […]

The Spirit of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival

“It’s not my festival. It belongs to the people.” Spoken by Amikam Kimelman, who played an instrumental role in the creation of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, and three years down the line, is still going strong, despite its shaky beginning. As a well-known producer, saxophonist and composer, Kimelman is also a founding member of… […]

Why Israeli Summers are Sizzling

There’s something about summertime in Israel. As the cool weather melts away, a celebratory energy seems to sizzle throughout the land in all directions. Summertime worldwide always means things are heating up; however, the incredible Mediterranean summers promise adventure, opportunity and a refreshing charge of life – even despite the hot, hot temperatures.  Tourists from… […]

Short Israeli Film Breaks Worldwide Record

A 20-minute documentary directed by Tel Aviv University student Lior Geller has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the record-breaking amount of awards it has received worldwide. Steve Tisch from the Tel Aviv University Film and Television Department, says the movie has been shown in over 60 festivals across 36 countries, and has… […]

Coldplay is Warming up to Israel

Ever since Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, visited Israel last year, there’s been an avalanche of press on how he was potentially scouting places to play a peace concert. Since then, rumors have been rolling out that Coldplay, one of the most popular rock bands soaring on the top charts, will be coming to Israel this… […]

Arab and Israeli Foodies Cook to Inspire Coexistence

Gear up for an Arabic food festival unlike any other. Over 45 chefs from the four quarters – Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Jewish. Culinary superstars from across the region will gather in Haifa for a 3-day food festival, not only to share their expertise in satisfying appetites, but also to stand together to support Haifa… […]

Party in the Shuk

The famous Mehane Yehuda market in Jerusalem has reached a new peak in popularity with this year’s ‘Jaffa to Agrippas Festival’. The dance group c.a.t.a.m.o.n under Elad Schechter performed inside and outside the market streets. The mere fact that this festival is taking place for the third time in a row demonstrates a change in… […]