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Invitation For Our Readers: Webinar ‘The Abraham Accords’

Invitation for a Zoom webinar on the cooperation between Swiss Business Communities in Israel and the United Arabs Emirates for the benefit of Switzerland, co-initiated by the Israeli-Swiss Association, publisher of Israel Between The Lines. The United Arab Emirates signed “The Abraham Accords” with the State of Israel last summer, on the initiative and strong… […]

Guardian App Attempts to Offer Women Safety in Public Spaces

Instead of the standard “key between the fingers” or readily gripping pepper spray in your purse, a new app was invented in attempts to create a safety network for women who feel scared in urban public spaces. With one in three women assaulted, this app is more needed than ever. Launched in Tel Aviv in… […]

Tel Aviv University Study Confirms Facial Stress from Smartphones

A recent study confirmed that smartphone users are likely to feel anxiety and stress due to their phones, specifically leading to increased facial stress; that is jaw and mouth pain, and teeth grinding. Unsurprisingly, smartphone users also experience an increase in sleep issues and fatigue, says the study, run by the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger… […]

First Digital Bank Branch Set to Launch in Q3

Industries are being turned on their sides due to digital, yet banking hasn’t seen much out of the box – until the First Digital Bank. Founded by Professor Amnon Shashua, who played a founding role in the Mobileye self-driving car revolution, the First Digital Bank hopes to be a disruptor in the centuries-old industry. CEO… […]

Women Moving Forward And Dropping Back

In the ever present world of duality, another international women’s day passes to spark a global conversation, both in celebration of their many achievements, as well as to amplify the dire need to support the seemingly second class gender.  Living in the 21st century, it’s clear how far women have come since even 50 years… […]

Israeli Airport Opens and Restaurants Cautiously Return

In what everyone hopes to be a final grand reopening, Israel is returning to the next iteration of “business as usual” after its last national lockdown ended at February’s end. With COVID-19 showing a 4% infection rate, and the vaccination campaign going strong, now seems the time to clean up the mess in the middle. … […]

Game-changing Medical Advancements Through Corona

With such laser focus on coronavirus for the last year, it’s easy for the other remarkable medical advancements to fall between the cracks. Yet ever steadily, the medical scene in Israel is serving its doctors and patients in innovative and integral ways.  Only recently, Dr. Yaron Baroc, director of the Heart and Lung Transplant and… […]

Airport Drama During COVID-19

One year later, with COVID-19 still filtering into our 2021, Israel has experienced a full spectrum of effects. While over half of the country has received their first vaccination given major campaign efforts, the Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered, with some exceptions to the rule. The airport was closed on January 25 as the country… […]

Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue is Being Renovated

Built in the 1920s, Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue is getting a facelift. Its historic architecture will be smoothly reconstructed to a Bauhaus-like facelift, and a new building section will be added as a visitors’ center to make its history accessible to the public. The Great Synagogue is one of the spots on the historical Tel… […]

Culture and Tourism Coming Back to Life

The Ministry of Health has launched the Green Pass, which is essentially an approval card for people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. The pass, while some question its legality, is, for now, allowing some limited cultural events to take place. After about a year of the economic shutdown, there is a… […]

Anita Winter Awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

In February, Anita Winter, Founder and President of the Swiss Gamaraal Foundation, received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German Ambassador to Switzerland presented the Federal Cross of Merit saying, “For you, dear Ms. Winter, as the second generation of Holocaust survivors, it is a matter close to your heart… […]

Early-Stage Arab Startups Receive Israeli Network Support

On a mission to “grow early-stage Arab-led startups into multimillion-dollar companies,” The Hybrid program supports eight startups per year to make the “startup investable” as soon as possible.  For the early-stage Arab entrepreneurs who are most certainly underrepresented in the startup world, there is a deep need for access to these resources, knowledge, and network.… […]

Unnatural Disaster: Worst Oil Spill in the Mediterranean Coast

The worst oil spill to date has marred at least 40% of Israel’s coastline. About sixteen towns over 106 miles situated along the Mediterranean Sea have been impacted by an undocumented oil spill that released dozens of tons of oil into the sea. Since last Wednesday, black tar is washing up along the shorelines, and… […]

Domestic Violence: “Of course there is a huge problem.”

In families where domestic violence is part of everyday life, they suffer from the pandemic and the many lockdowns. Casualty numbers have skyrocketed, and for many women, there are only a few facilities that offered help, as most had closed their doors due to Corona. Our team visited an emergency shelter and spoke to the… […]

Israel’s Slow Reopening Amidst Corona

As lockdown lifted last week, Israel is slowly reopening its roads, doors, and economy – and its residents are flooding out with a new sense of restrained freedom. The corona crisis remains prevalent, and precautions are being taken to prevent another increase in the spread of the virus and a fourth national lockdown. Around 25%… […]

Red Flowers and February Showers

After only a couple of months of a wet winter, Israel’s typically neutral-colored landscapes burst into color during February, known as the month when the wildflowers bloom across forests and fields. The third national lockdown ended in perfect timing to witness nature’s cycle, as Israelis flowed to their favorite spots to seek and find the… […]

Israeli Fashion Week Gets Sustainable

Fashion is a highly creative commerce industry, yet the more abundance in design breeds more unsustainability within the industry. For the first time ever, Israeli Fashion Week will spotlight designers who focus on sustainable manufacturing and production processes. Forty of the top designers who have on-demand production cycles, use recycled textiles, and have a sustainable… […]

‘Unorthodox’ Star First Israeli Nominated for Golden Globe

Shira Haas, star of Netflix’s “Unorthodox,” was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television, announced the Hollywood Foreign Press. The nomination makes history as Haas is the first Israeli TV actress nominated for a Golden Globe, one of the most prestigious honors… […]

Was 2020 Recipe for Disaster or Renewal? 

We wish all of our readers, volunteers, and donors a healthy, happy, and enlightening new year! Happy 2021! It took only a moment for our entire world to flip upside down. It was as if someone entered each of our houses, slammed down their hands on our kitchen table, and flipped over our perfectly planned… […]

Israel Enters Third Lockdown Yet Leads in Vaccination

As of Sunday, December 27, Israel entered into its third lockdown. Recent days have shown that numbers are topping over 5,000 people testing positive, a 5.6% rate of those tested. As numbers continue to rise, Israelis of all ages are lining up to receive the vaccination. Since starting the campaign on December 20, over 750,000… […]