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Domestic Violence Against Women Increases by 30%

In the past year, 21 women were murdered in cold blood by their husbands, partners or close family members. Of the 21 women killed, around half had filed a report with the police prior to their deadly incident. Disturbingly, there has been a 30% increase in violence against women in the last year, with over… […]

Can these Toilets Save the World?

It’s not turning water into wine, but a new Israeli company is turning toilet waste into clean energy. HomeBiogas recently launched the Bio-Toilet, a sanitary solution which turns waste into cooking gas, offering up an all-in-one solution for global rural areas which lack access to clean toilets. The company, led by CEO and co-founder Oshik… […]

Tel Aviv is Only 21% Youth

Compared to other major cities in Israel, Tel Aviv has the least percentage of children 17 and under. In a recent report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Modiin Illit, an Orthodox town, has the highest percentage of youth at 64%, versus Tel Aviv whose population is only made up of 21%. Living in… […]

Study Cautions the Future of Israel Over-Population

Israel is home to about 8.8 million people, making it the fourth most crowded country according to the OECD. A new study predicts that within 50 years, Israel will be the number one most crowded country in the world with a population of over 20 million people. The study was led by Dan Ben David,… […]

Israeli Education and its Teachers are Neglected

Being an educator in Israel is one of the least respected roles in Israeli society. In the Global Teacher Status Index 2018, it was found that Israel ranked second to last only under Brazil for educators being a respected profession. In comparison, China, which ranks first, considers a teacher’s role of equal importance to a… […]

Supermarkets About to Super Save

What if you could reduce food waste and save money? A new Israeli company called Wasteless just raised $2 million in funding based on its cause to supports dynamic consumer pricing and supermarkets wastefulness. Their technology, which works similarly to that of cheap flight sites, creates a bridge to manage a store’s inventory, incentivize expiring… […]

From Mindless Consumption to Mindful Consumerism

It was a rough day in Tel Aviv. I missed the bus, spent too long at the bank, forgot to eat, and cried on four street corners for no apparent reason. The craving had kicked in and I knew just what I needed. I ducked into a shop, scoured the shelves, picked something up and… […]

Torn Down Building Turned Art Project

Even the buildings waiting for demolition can be useful in the present. An initiative led by Tel Aviv City Council, real estate agencies and artists is taking the dilapidated buildings across Tel Aviv to flip them, if only briefly, into cultural centers. With a construction craze endlessly sweeping through Tel Aviv, there are numerous plots… […]

Free WIFI may cost Israel Railways $84 Million

If free WIFI doesn’t work, is it still free? Not according to David Zeltser, an Israel Railways customer who, along with at least 5 million other passengers, have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for marketing a service they don’t fully deliver. As Israel Railways uses free WIFI in many of their marketing… […]

Female Politicians on the Rise in Israel

History was made in the nationwide Israeli municipal elections, as expected for the year of 2018. Just a little more of the glass ceiling is being shattered, as a record-breaking number of female politicians ran for positions and were voted into victory. The elections were held in 251 cities across Israel, with a few major… […]

Route 90 and its Dangerous Curves

Route 90 was built in the 1960s, and being the longest road to travel through Israel, it’s also proven the most dangerous. In the past two weeks, seventeen people have died due to automobile accidents on the road. Since 2003, about 2,500 accidents have occurred, with 223 people dying and 6,500 people being injured. In… […]

Measles Outbreak Means Vaccinations Matter

For the first time in 15 years, a measles outbreak is causing death. A one and half year-old child contracted measles and died last week. The baby was never vaccinated against the disease, and the death likely occurred because both of her parents had measles and were also never vaccinated. This case is one of… […]

Israeli Trauma Team Flies to Pittsburgh

In the worst antisemitic tragedy of recent, 11 people were killed in cold blood during Saturday morning prayers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A far-right activist and online troll, Robert Bowers, 46, stormed the synagogue during the weekly Sabbath services with an assault rifle, shooting 11 community members dead, including a… […]

Two Gold Medals and a Dash of Hope

Just one year ago, at a major judo tournament in the United Arab Emirates, Israelis were unable to compete under their national symbols. When Tal Flicker won the gold medal, the organizers refused to honor him with the national anthem and raising the flag – as is standard in regard to any sports win. This… […]

Cancer Tumors Shrink in Happy Mice

What if manipulating the mind can create massive reductions in cancerous tumors? In a recent study on mice led by a team at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, results showed that activating the brain’s reward system can cause a cancerous tumor to shrink in both weight and size. Of course, there is no proof… […]

Fourteen Hours Can Impact Social Wellbeing

The connection between parent and child has always been crucial; yet newer studies prove how important the first five months of a baby’s life is for their long-term development, emotional and social wellbeing and future relationships. Ruth Feldman, who heads the neuroscience center at the IDC Herzliya, has run a long-term study with results that… […]

E-commerce is Changing with Container Sharing

Imagine all the people being able to shop online for different things, from different shops, all to be packed in one container and shipped to Israel. If you’ve ever dealt with international shipping costs, this might sound like a dream. Especially to Israelis, as importing items into Israel is typically a nightmare thanks to high… […]

2000-year-old Stone Discovered in Jerusalem

What began as digging for a new road in Jerusalem unearthed a rare find dated 2,000 years ago. While preparing for construction near Binyanei Ha’Uma near the entrance of the city,  a team, amidst many Roman columns of architecture, discovered one particular pillar engraved in Aramaic language and Hebrew lettering spelling “Hananiah son of Dodalos… […]

Israeli Archaeology Leads to Historic Treasures

Archaeologists dig to find evidence of the past, and in Israel, some seem consistently driven to prove the Bible, and that Israel is indeed the promised land. Professor Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University digs for the sake of archaeology, though some of his findings in Israel can be considered biblical. During an excavation in Khirbet… […]

Climate Change is Drying Rivers and Killing Trees

Water sources in Israel have reached their lowest levels as the worst drought, going on its 6th year, continues. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority is on a mission to keep Israeli flora and fauna alive and well; however, an increase in human water usage and a decrease in rainfall is a destructive combination when… […]