Zum Thema: Jennifer Bligh

Sailing in the North

Israel’s coastal excursion in the north started operating this week. The pleasure cruise line links the two ports of Haifa and Acre which were partly renovated beforehand. The Tourism Ministry invested about NIS 11 m in the upgrading. Passengers are able to enjoy the scenic route including views of the Carmel mountains, the coastline, downtown… […]

Bob Dylan, Great Poet

The American-Jewish singer Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature for ‘for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,’ according to the Nobel Prize description. Born as Robert Allen Zimmerman, known as Bob Dylan and lovingly called ‘The Bard’ is the 15th Jew to win the literature prize.… […]

Secrets of the Next Big Thing

The Israeli TV industry has been dominated by a few major successes like ‘Homeland’ and ‘Rising Star’. However, smaller productions in scripted and non-scripted formats are also competing successfully on the international market. Last September, Israel’s first TV formats conference took place in Jaffa, identifying Israeli key assets, their success rate and scouting for new… […]

The Things That Matter

The contemporary German photographer Herlinde Koelbl is internationally acclaimed for her outstanding photographs. The award-winning photographer now presented her latest project ‘Faces of Jerusalem’ in Jerusalem on behalf of the 50th anniversary of the Jerusalem Foundation. The Jerusalem Foundation commissioned a well-versed artist for the exhibition that seeks to highlight co-existence projects, mixed couples, and… […]

Shalom Simon Peres

The passing of Israel’s ninth president and former prime minister is globally mourned. Simon Peres died early Wednesday morning after suffering from a severe stroke two weeks ago. The 93-year old Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 and is one of Israel’s founding fathers. Shortly after news of his death was published, condolences… […]

Arabic ‘Sand Storm’ at Academy Awards

This is a first in Israel’s film industry: The award-winning film ‘Sand Storm’ is a directorial debut by Elite Xexer and is now on its way to represent Israel at the upcoming Academy Awards. The catch is that the Israeli family drama ‘Sand Storm’ is spoken entirely in Arabic. The plot is about a remote… […]

Fast Train Approach

If everything goes according to the plan, the fast train connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is scheduled to start operating in 2018. The construction for the long-term project is one of the country’s biggest projects with a budget of NIS 7 billion. For the new train a few records had to be built: the country’s… […]

Primetime Emmy Awards 2016

It is her fifth Emmy trophy in a row – Jewish actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was awarded the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series’. She is starring in the political satire show ‘Veep’ which won the the second consecutive award for ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’. Julia in a black dress… […]

Snapshots of the Shekel-family

Yes, the Currency Department published their annual report for 2015, but this is not what caught our attention – it is the little side notes that make money matters interesting, for some even sexy. Fact is that the overall amount of currency increased to NIS 73 billion from NIS 63 billion (2014-2015). Lower interest rates… […]

Big Boost for New Airport

The government is currently preparing the opening of Israel’s most-southern airport near Eilat. However, while the finishing touches are applied to Ramon Airport (scheduled to open in April 2017), the weathered Ovda airport has now been exempted from landing fees for the next season. This will not only boost this winter’s tourism but will make… […]

Stories from the Holy Land: Tel Aviv, oh, Tel Aviv

Last week I was interviewed by a German radio station about my relationship to Tel Aviv – and I have to admit that choosing the term ‚relationship‘ is simply spot on. Tel Aviv and me, that’s like a big love story with occasional outbursts of anger. It wasn’t without reason that I left the city… […]

Tel Aviv’s Cult Frequency

Tel Aviv’s Teder phenomenon celebrates not only four years of existence but another summer of glory in the city’s south. Every night the pop-up radio/bar/club/concert venue turns Beit Romano, a 1947 shopping mall, into a hip open air place with music, beer and pizza – and at six in the morning the Teder crowd, chairs… […]

Start-up Success Stories

The Israeli start-up company NiniSpeech won this year’s Global Innovation Awards 2016 in Beijing. The Haifa-based company with their stutter solution competed against 21 other start-ups from all over the world. Another Israeli company made the second place: AerialGuard also received US $ 200,000 for their autonomous navigation system for unmanned aircrafts. It’s not the… […]

Hebrew University #1

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) published this year’s university rankings – and named the Hebrew Unversity of Jerusalem #1 in Israel, #1 in the Middle East and #26 among 1000 ranked degree-granting institutions worldwide. However, in comparison to the previous years, the academic landscape in Israel hasn’t overall improved. Last year, the Hebrew… […]

Tradition meets 2.0

World-famous Oxford University Press recently teamed up with three Israeli start-up companies to develop educational online products. TinyTap will use Oxford’s content on its social platform, Total boox enables readers to buy Oxford’s ebooks on a pay-as-you-read store and Kidoz is a content discovery platform for children. Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world’s largest university… […]

Summer High for Designer Ron Arad

Israel’s darling designer Ron Arad is having a high time this summer. Currently he is featured with a solo-exhibition at the renowned Mayfair Gallery in London, his recording sculpture ‘Spyre ‘ is installed in the Royal Academy Annenberg Courtyard and his installation ‘Thought of Train of Thought’  is prominent at the Eurostar platform at St.… […]

Game on: New Technological Realities

Israel is small, the market is even smaller, prices are high and wages low. In other words – best soil for that kind of innovative thinking that led to the wide field of IT that has been dominating the Israeli economy for years now. The big question seemed – is the start-up scene solid enough… […]

MTV Award for Coldplay’s Up&Up

Coldplay’s Up&Up video won the MTV Visual Effects Award this week. The Israeli directors of the video clip with more than 75 million views on YouTube are the Israelis Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann. “These are pretty prestigious awards in the world of music videos,” Muggia said. The artists used the ‘compositing’ technique that visually… […]

Israelis in the sky

A record of almost four million people arrived and departed at Ben-Gurion Airport in July and August this year – which is a 9% increase compared to summer 2015. Interesting enough is the fact that the majority are Israelis travelling abroad and not incoming tourism which is down by 1.9% compared to the previous year.… […]

Magical Salt Bride

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau’s ‘Salt Bride’ photography series is currently exhibited at the renowned Marlborough Contemporary Gallery in London. Propelling the magic of the salty lake to a new artistic level, Landau placed dresses for three months into the Dead Sea. The result is stunning: while the crystals cover each dress entirely, the shapes are… […]