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Manners Save You Money at This Coffee Shop

Israeli culture tends to be rushed, aggressive and refreshingly direct. It can be seen in the bustling streets and it can be heard in the way that people speak to one another. The Israeli community is like one big family – for the good and the bad – and sometimes their tone can be harsh,… […]

Tel Aviv Culinary Scene is the Best in the World

Claiming any city has the best culinary scene in the world is a substantial statement, and is determined by a few major foodie factors – the food, the service and the overall scene. In Israel, the quality of all three are on an exponential rise, and thanks to Mediterranean influence, Israel’s food scene has always… […]

The world’s most beautiful restaurant is in….Tel Aviv

Great news for art and culinary lovers travelling to Israel: according to the ‘International Space Design Award’, the most beautiful restaurant can be found in Tel Aviv. ‘Pastel’ won this year’s competition against more than 4,000 competitors from 35 countries. The interior of the restaurant was designed by the architects Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg,… […]