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Solar Energy Can Benefit All

Three years ago, the Energy Ministry and Electric Authority of Israel set a goal to produce 10% of Israel’s power from alternative energy sources by 2020. Due to their own restrictive rules, however, only about 2% of Israel’s electricity is currently being produced by solar and wind sources. The institutions, in support of their prior… […]

Amazon Landing in Israel

Given the large and hopeful demands by Israeli consumers, Amazon is considering setting up a shipping center in Israel. The online retail giant has numerous teams on site, both Israeli and international, to scope the logistics of what this would mean. A real estate team is inquiring about possible warehouse locations, and a shipping center… […]

Mothers moving forward together

Working women across the world endure everlasting issues regarding wage gaps, unfair discrimination, and gender-biased judgement. In Israel, which has the highest percentage of working women in the world, women are also forced to field questions about their age, relationship status, and when they want children. These conversations aren’t had with a friend over coffee,… […]

Israeli Shekel is second strongest currency

The New Israeli Shekel has come in second place as the world’s strongest currency, listed only after the Chinese Yen. According to Gautam Kalani, the foreign currency analyst from Deutsche Bank, the New Israeli Shekels appreciated in value about 6.1% in the past six months alone, and overall is valued about 10% over other global… […]

How One Woman Changed a Village

When Neta Hanien was travelling around the world, she dreamed of one day owning a hostel along the shores of a beautiful beach. When her more rational mind stepped in and she returned to Israel, she went to law school and worked for 7 years in the Ministry of Justice. Amidst that time, she accompanied… […]

Minimum wage rises in Israel

Beginning December 2017, minimum wage will be raised in Israel, from NIS 5,000 to NIS 5,300 per month. The NIS 300 increase was passed by the Knesset Labor and Welfare committee, and aims to reduce gaps in Israeli society. Approximately 700,000 employees will be directly impacted by the pay rise, the fourth increase in the… […]

Conscious aging cooperative in Israel

Startups are taking all kinds of shape in the startup nation. Much like the co-working spaces which have sprung up across the world, a new conscious community cooperative is following suit in the form of an elderly co-living space in Israel. For a group of about thirty people between the ages of 50 – 75,… […]

Olim Month in Israel for celebrating internationals

The Tel Aviv municipality has decided to honor its Olim, the people who choose to move to Israel to live from around the world, and their endless contributions to Israeli society in a month-long celebration. From October 23 until November 29, there will be a series of events hosted by the Tel Aviv municipality to… […]

Israeli poetess’ making money

Two new Israeli bills are making their way into the money market as a part of Bank of Israel’s poetry series. The bills, featuring Rachel Bluwstein and Lea Goldberg, will enter circulation in the upcoming weeks, and will be pictured on the 20 NIS bill and 100 NIS bills respectively. The two female poets will… […]

Secret land sales for super cheap

A secret sale is underway as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, is in the midst of selling off assets in Israel for exorbitantly low prices. The company to which they sold wishes to remain anonymous, though many believe the church land is going to private developers. After the Israel Lands Authority, the… […]

Mini Ambulance Means Quicker Response Time

The world’s first mini medical ambulance is on the loose in Israel, and it can go places which are impossible for other safety vehicles to access. The United Hatzalah purchased four narrow, electric and fully equipped ‘mini-lances’ which can trek upstairs and through narrow alleys, sidewalks and streets. The innovative smart cars were purchased for… […]

Population on the 1.9% Rise

The Israeli population is growing rapidly. In the past year, the Central Bureau of Statistics recorded a rise in population of 156,000 people. With a secure motherhood culture, perhaps parallel to the fact that Israel has the highest fertility rate according to the OECD, over 172,000 babies were born in the past year, and 43,000… […]

Are Housing Prices in Israel Going Down?

Real estate in Israel is a fierce market due to the highly limited space and increasingly high demand. The Central Bureau of Statistics has recently rolled out some surprising news – housing prices dropped by about 24% since the same time last year. According to the report, housing prices fell as much as 16% in… […]

Diamonds are Going Digital

A new digital currency is hitting the market, and its being backed by the Israel Diamond Exchange, or IDE, located in Ramat Gan, Israel. The Diamond Exchange is collaborating with a new digital currency startup, Carats.IO, which has created an updated framework for trading digital coins, backed by diamonds and based on Diamond Exchange data.… […]

Electricity Rates are Dropping 3%

Household electricity rates in Israel are high. After a recent push from the Public Utilities Authority, they are looking to create a change and solve some fundamental issues within the electricity sector. Though the new changes will only decrease the annual household spend by about NIS 120 per year, the move is the first step… […]

Israel is driving Eco

Cities from north to south are taking measures to conserve environmental resources, decrease pollution, and support the latest wave of smart transportation. Due to continuous growth of the Israeli population and as a result of the number of cars and buses on roads, municipalities across the state of Israel are establishing efforts to prevent further… […]

Egged wins the Tel Aviv Red Line

With only three runners in the transit game, Egged took home the Red Line win when it becomes the first official operating line in the upcoming Tel Aviv Railway system. The massive public transport infrastructure is only one year into building, and daily efforts are steadily steaming forward to a timely start in 2021, reports… […]

First Ultra-Orthodox VC Fund Opens

The Ultra-Orthodox community of Jews is expanding their own horizon and aiming to move away from focusing solely on the high holidays – by taking strides into high tech. 12angels is the first official investment fund for Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, community. The fund aims to raise $5 million dollars and is dedicated to entering… […]

Drones are the new delivery dream

The future has arrived, and it’s being delivered by a squad of drones, or an octocopter dubbed the “Mule.” Enter Flytrex, an Israeli company which provides tailored technology for individuals and businesses who want to offer quick deliveries at a lesser cost, and with the swipe of a smartphone. Founder and CEO, Yariv Bash, was… […]

Israel Saves World’s Most Precious Resource

The most precious natural resource on the planet is water. Water provides energy, nourishment and life to humans, plants and animals. On the most basic level, humans need water to survive, and in this moment, over 1 billion people suffer from not having clean drinking water. For those of us with easy access to clean… […]