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Israel Goals: No Fossil Fuel by 2030

Today Israel runs on 70% natural gas, and by 2030, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz plans to eliminate the use of fossil fuels entirely from the Israeli repertoire.  Steinitz plans to ban the import of diesel-based cars in just over a decade, and forecasts that by 2030, Israel will run on 80% natural energy and the… […]

Solar Energy Can Benefit All

Three years ago, the Energy Ministry and Electric Authority of Israel set a goal to produce 10% of Israel’s power from alternative energy sources by 2020. Due to their own restrictive rules, however, only about 2% of Israel’s electricity is currently being produced by solar and wind sources. The institutions, in support of their prior… […]

Israel is Running, Not Walking, On Sunshine

Why shouldn’t free, natural and available resources be used to their best advantage? Israel has initiated a new project called Ashalim, which focuses on harnessing sunshine to provide natural energy. Despite its placement in the Middle East, readily available with sun at most moments, Israel has yet to keep up with other nations when it… […]