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Israelis are Overweight and Dying Sooner

 A recent report from the OECD has shown an increase in Israel’s obesity statistics. The report shows that 50.9% of Israelis are overweight, and 35% of them are children. The report also shares that the additional weight might be the cause for shortening their lifespan, by about 3.3 years. For the half of Israelis who… […]

Israelis are Overweight and Dying Sooner

 A recent report from the OECD has shown an increase in Israel’s obesity statistics. The report shows that 50.9% of Israelis are overweight, and 35% of them are children. The report also shares that the additional weight might be the cause for shortening their lifespan, by about 3.3 years. For the half of Israelis who… […]

Israeli Doctors Don’t Want to Retire

Retirement might seem dreamy to those who work tirelessly in their professional careers; however, once the milestone is reached, some retirees see a different reality. A study conducted in Israel was recently published in Harefuah, which is the journal of the Israel Medical Association. They found that doctors find it challenging to kick their careers… […]

The Largest Cancer Support Network is an Israeli App

Dubbed the ‘Waze for cancer patients,’ this Israeli app is home to over 200,000 patients and caregivers who are navigating the world of cancer treatment. When its three co-founders, CEO Eliran Malki, CTO Irad Deutsch and COO Ohad Rubin, discovered they had all lost a loved one to cancer, and had made similar mistakes throughout… […]

Israeli National Healthcare Spending Up

The average country in the OECD index utilizes between 7.2% and 8.8% of their national budget on public healthcare. In 2018, the global OECD average spend was 8.8%, yet Israel remained well below at 7.6%. The numbers show that healthcare expenditure in Israel remains fairly stable since 2000, as it typically falls between 6.9% and… […]

Groundbreaking Israeli Research on Cancer

Israeli research is reaching breakthrough results when it comes to better managing cancer and chronic disease. From studies that prevent skin cancer in mice to a blood test that diagnoses lung cancer in its early stages, Israeli researchers are finding small solutions after years of study. The most groundbreaking study shows the possibility to prevent… […]

First Court-Ordered Vaccination in Israel

In a rare move by the Israeli court system, parents have been ordered to vaccinate their 2-year old child after his foot received second degree burns from a bonfire. The parents were called to Hadera Family Court when they did not comply with the doctor’s recommendation for the child to receive a tetanus shot. When… […]

Easier Cure for Burn Victims

Imagine curing a deep burn scar with a small breeze? That’s exactly what Israeli company, Nanomedic has been working to make happen since 2007. They have innovated a portable electro-spinning technology to create what is the only portable medical device for curing burn victims. Looking similar to a glue gun, SpinCare is the first product… […]

Measles Outbreak Means Vaccinations Matter

For the first time in 15 years, a measles outbreak is causing death. A one and half year-old child contracted measles and died last week. The baby was never vaccinated against the disease, and the death likely occurred because both of her parents had measles and were also never vaccinated. This case is one of… […]

Cancer Tumors Shrink in Happy Mice

What if manipulating the mind can create massive reductions in cancerous tumors? In a recent study on mice led by a team at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, results showed that activating the brain’s reward system can cause a cancerous tumor to shrink in both weight and size. Of course, there is no proof… […]

Israeli Healthcare Ranks in Global Top Ten

According to Bloomberg’s annual Healthy System Efficiency Index, Israel’s healthcare system ranks among the highest in the world, and is number one in the Middle East region. Compared to the countries which top the list, Hong Kong and Singapore, Israel ranks in sixth place. In addition to being one of the most cost-efficient, Israel also… […]

Israeli Robotics Makes an Exit

The largest acquisition in the Israeli robotics field was announced. Mazor Robotics, a Caesarea based company founded in 2001, was sold for $1.64 billion dollars to Medtronic plc, a medical technology company which sits in Dublin, Ireland. Mazor Robotics is known for their highly advanced medical devices to assist in spinal procedures. The relationship between… […]

Can Cells be Trained for Healthier Pregnancies?

A woman’s body is more adaptable than she may think. New Israeli research studies led by Hadassah Medical Center and Hebrew University show that women’s bodies naturally learn from their first pregnancy to create healthier second, and further, pregnancies. A six-year cell study was conducted, and research found that complications during first time births are… […]

Premature Babies Get Supreme Medical Treatment

In their fresh and most fragile first moments of life, preemie babies are the most difficult to care for. About 15 million babies are born prematurely per year, and about 1 million die due to medical complications. Some studies believe that 75% of preemie babies, those born before 37 weeks, can be saved with proper… […]

Pineapple treatment solution for burn victims

Imagine if, instead of requiring surgery after a burn trauma, all you needed was a pineapple. After decades of dedicated research, a new noninvasive approach is using pineapple enzymes to treat severe burns. The idea was inspired by Dr. Jerry Klein, a doctor who after World War 2, saw the need to treat a large… […]

Israeli solution may give sight to the blind

In an ongoing Israeli medical technology revolution, there are promising signs that one company is fighting, and possibly winning, the battle against global blindness. CorNeat has created a potential solution for the upwards of 2 million people per year who deal with corneal disease and blindness. With their new patent-pending blend of technology, they have… […]

Mini Ambulance Means Quicker Response Time

The world’s first mini medical ambulance is on the loose in Israel, and it can go places which are impossible for other safety vehicles to access. The United Hatzalah purchased four narrow, electric and fully equipped ‘mini-lances’ which can trek upstairs and through narrow alleys, sidewalks and streets. The innovative smart cars were purchased for… […]

Doctor WHO? Israeli Doctor Elected to World Health Organization

Israel finally has a spot on the Executive Committee in the World Health Organization after twenty-one years with no representation. In a recent election which took place in Budapest, Professor Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director of Israel’s Health Ministry, was elected to the committee to represent Israel and its advancements and endeavors in the medical field.… […]

Teens Save Lives on Summer Vacation

Almost 1,000 Israeli teenagers have opted to spend their summer vacation learning how to provide medical care with Magen David Adom, or MDA first aid response organization have acquired hundreds of teen volunteers, aged 15 – 18, who not only learn basic first aid but also how to prevent diseases, and the harm of smoking… […]