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Conscious aging cooperative in Israel

Startups are taking all kinds of shape in the startup nation. Much like the co-working spaces which have sprung up across the world, a new conscious community cooperative is following suit in the form of an elderly co-living space in Israel. For a group of about thirty people between the ages of 50 – 75,… […]

Disabled Israeli Arab with Guide Dog has a vision

  As he walks through the streets of Nazareth, Salim Sharif follows his guide dog Winston. Though Sharif may not see with full vision, he knows that Winston is protecting him just as much as he needs to protect Winston. Of the 27,000 people in Israel who are blind, about 250 have guide dogs, and… […]

Global sportsmanship fails despite Israeli victory

As the judo competitor takes his place on the gold stand, the flag is raised and the anthem is sung. This is the story for every gold medalist winner at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Judo Tournament – except for those sports competitors who represent Israel. Of the 12-member team of Israelis present at the… […]

Olim Month in Israel for celebrating internationals

The Tel Aviv municipality has decided to honor its Olim, the people who choose to move to Israel to live from around the world, and their endless contributions to Israeli society in a month-long celebration. From October 23 until November 29, there will be a series of events hosted by the Tel Aviv municipality to… […]

New Names Uncovered from World War II

Over seventy years after World War II ended, over a million victims of the Holocaust remain anonymous and unknown. In Hungary, where a bulk of the murders took place, only certain information was known, including train schedules, headcount, and which trains would be arriving in Auschwitz. However, the names of the people who stepped onto… […]

Healing Ink tattoos at Jerusalem museum

A crew of tattoo artists from Healing Ink created their own kind of ‘art exhibit’ in collaboration with Artists4Israel and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The intention was to create a space for victims of terror attacks, war and military services to heal their painful scars in a meaningful way. The project inspires victims to… […]

Israeli solution may give sight to the blind

In an ongoing Israeli medical technology revolution, there are promising signs that one company is fighting, and possibly winning, the battle against global blindness. CorNeat has created a potential solution for the upwards of 2 million people per year who deal with corneal disease and blindness. With their new patent-pending blend of technology, they have… […]

Israeli poetess’ making money

Two new Israeli bills are making their way into the money market as a part of Bank of Israel’s poetry series. The bills, featuring Rachel Bluwstein and Lea Goldberg, will enter circulation in the upcoming weeks, and will be pictured on the 20 NIS bill and 100 NIS bills respectively. The two female poets will… […]

Secret land sales for super cheap

A secret sale is underway as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, is in the midst of selling off assets in Israel for exorbitantly low prices. The company to which they sold wishes to remain anonymous, though many believe the church land is going to private developers. After the Israel Lands Authority, the… […]

Mini Ambulance Means Quicker Response Time

The world’s first mini medical ambulance is on the loose in Israel, and it can go places which are impossible for other safety vehicles to access. The United Hatzalah purchased four narrow, electric and fully equipped ‘mini-lances’ which can trek upstairs and through narrow alleys, sidewalks and streets. The innovative smart cars were purchased for… […]

Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road

A new stretch of highway near Herzliya, Israel is closed, not for construction, but for innovation. Five companies have taken over Road 531 to start testing their various self-driving car technologies. The 1.5-kilometer highway has three lanes in both directions and will be closed for two months while the companies are conducting trials. The Ministry… […]

Israeli Bunny Makes Guinness Books of World Records

While some people move to Los Angeles to get famous, Shai Asor made the move from Israel and found that his best friend and bunny, Bini, is the one who just made it into the record books. Bini the Bunny now holds the record for the most slam dunks for a rabbit in one minute.… […]

Why I Think Every Day Should be Sukkot

It started when I was in grade school. We would spend one day a year hopping from hut to hut, judging our favorites based on decorative space, dessert menu, and parental kindness, or how big they sliced the rainbow cake. As a young student at Hebrew day school, it quickly became one of the most… […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Making a Statement

The trees are officially growing bras in Tel Aviv, as over 100 bras have been hung on the central ‘Tree of Life’ which sits amidst Habima Square. Though many locals questioned the newest exhibit with curiosity, it proves how crucial these kinds of attention grabbers are to introduce October as breast cancer awareness month in… […]

Jerusalem Pulls in Over 200 Global Artists

Kicking off from October 2 until the end of November is the Jerusalem Biennale, an international art exhibition which invites global artists to contribute to beautifying the holy city based on a chosen theme, this year’s being ‘watershed moments.’ A watershed moment is defined as a point in history which brings along change, and based… […]

Population on the 1.9% Rise

The Israeli population is growing rapidly. In the past year, the Central Bureau of Statistics recorded a rise in population of 156,000 people. With a secure motherhood culture, perhaps parallel to the fact that Israel has the highest fertility rate according to the OECD, over 172,000 babies were born in the past year, and 43,000… […]

Endangered Coral Reef Making a Comeback?

Coral reef is home to many a sea creature, and around the world, coral reefs are dying. Due to waters warming globally, oceans are reaching higher temperatures which are killing the coral, who are barely nourished to grow in such harsh circumstances. The most notable scare can be seen at the prestigious Great Barrier Reef… […]

English Language in Need

A call has been made throughout Israel, and a surge of students in need of English are hoping to receive help. The Israeli educational system begins teaching English in third grade, and many young Israeli children have not mastered the language with ease. Depending on the community they live in, and perhaps how much English… […]

Bees Need Balanced Diet to Survive

Bees are the queens who make honey, and honey is a symbol of a sweet Jewish new year. To our readers, donors and friends – the whole team at Israel Between the Lines wishes you the sweetest, healthiest new year yet. From our family to yours, Shana Tova! Bees Need Balanced Diet to Survive It’s… […]

Are Housing Prices in Israel Going Down?

Real estate in Israel is a fierce market due to the highly limited space and increasingly high demand. The Central Bureau of Statistics has recently rolled out some surprising news – housing prices dropped by about 24% since the same time last year. According to the report, housing prices fell as much as 16% in… […]