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Slavery and freedom, a Passover take

A Holiday Note: We wish you a wonderful Passover and Easter celebration, full of moments of joy, family and freedom. To honor the holiday, next week we will be on break. From our family to yours, Israel Between the Lines.   Sometimes I feel like a slave. Sometimes my phone is my master, shackling me… […]

Rare Dead Sea Scrolls on display

Imagine Noah himself sharing his story of the ark. Today, a glimpse of his story through a piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls will be on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Seventy years ago, the stories of Abraham, Noah and other biblical legends were discovered. For the first time ever, the ‘Genesis Apocryphon’… […]

Rothschild Boulevard gets bold luxury restoration

The beloved Rothschild Boulevard situated central in Tel Aviv, Israel is seeing an upgrade once more. The Awad House, built in 1926 by Joseph Berlin for the Awad Family from Yemen, was created to display their social and financial status, and will continue its legacy through the upcoming renovations. Less than a century later, the… […]

Tel Aviv made top ten most expensive cities

Tel Aviv has been confirmed as the ninth most expensive city in the world according to the Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2018, quickly moving up in the past 5 years from 34th place. As Tel Aviv has made its way into the top ten most expensive places to live, both New York and Los… […]

Israel star hopes for win at Eurovision 2018

A Middle Eastern musical act is making waves around the world. Netta Barzilai released “Toy” and is expected to represent Israel in the 2018 Eurovision competition held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 8. Since the songs release on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day, Netta’s vibrant video has been slated as a top… […]

Tel Aviv Fashion Innovations

Israeli innovation isn’t just about the technology scene. The creative Israeli mentality was celebrated on the runway during last week’s Tel Aviv Fashion Week. In its sixth year, Tel Aviv Fashion Week is four days of about 40 designers who welcome the opportunity to spotlight their work in hopes of reaching the global fashion scene.… […]

Civil marriage matters

Thousands of lovers in Israel cannot achieve what most would call a “happily ever after,” or in simple terms, are unable to get married in Israel. Current marriage laws in Israel are strictly enforced and controlled by the Ultra-Orthodox religious parties, meaning that thousands of people either do not meet the necessary religious requirements, or… […]

Women march against deportation

Women of all backgrounds are intersecting in all the right places, and have chosen to use their voice against the mass deportation of asylum seekers. Hundreds of Eritrean refugees, Israeli citizens, and international residents gathered in a Women’s March Against Deportation in south Tel Aviv on Friday, March 9. The march was a collaboration between… […]

Israeli tourism boom challenges industry

The Holy Land has never been hotter, and the tourist industry isn’t ready for it. Thanks to large efforts from the Israel Ministry of Tourism, the Open Skies Agreement, and the relatively peaceful state since summer 2014, a steady stream of tourists want to explore Israel – and surprisingly, tourist hot spots and its guides… […]

Israel Goals: No Fossil Fuel by 2030

Today Israel runs on 70% natural gas, and by 2030, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz plans to eliminate the use of fossil fuels entirely from the Israeli repertoire.  Steinitz plans to ban the import of diesel-based cars in just over a decade, and forecasts that by 2030, Israel will run on 80% natural energy and the… […]

Prince William Visits Israel

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, will be the first British royal to visit Israel officially, and just in time to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday. He will also visit Jordan and the Palestinian territories. Israeli government officials are abuzz with the news, as various members of the British royal family have been extended invitations numerous times to… […]

Desert Truffles are the New Cash Crop

The Ramat HaNegev Desert Agriculture Center has grown a new, luxurious and exquisite truffle, one which they claim costs almost as much as silver – and about four times more than uranium. The newest desert truffle sells for about $120 per pound and is priced highly, as other truffles, due to their difficultly to cultivate.… […]

The Purim Tale of Power Women

In a modern land steeped with ancient patriarchy, the annual Purim celebration has landed, and humanity has much to learn from the Jewish holiday story and its characters. Purim is known as a joyous holiday and is celebrated in four ways in Jewish tradition. People read the Megillah, or the story of Esther, dress up,… […]

Israel Appoints Ultra-Orthodox Female Judge

Havi Toker just made history as the first official Ultra-Orthodox judge appointed to Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court in Israel. Toker, 41, studied law at Hebrew University and spent the past two decades working in the legal district in Jerusalem. Her appointment to the Supreme Court is a large leap forward for women. Toker was born in… […]

Israeli desert turned into Mars mission

If the Israeli desert seems like it’s light years away, for six Israeli pioneers, for four days, it was. Named the “Ramonauts,” four men and two women stepped into a simulated mission to Mars, or the closest space they could find to it – the Israeli desert. According to the Israeli Space Agency, the Ramon… […]

Hebrew language revival

Eliezer Ben Yehuda, known as the icon who revived the Hebrew language, would be proud. His linguistic efforts and dreams are being sparked into reality thanks to the dedication of the Academy of the Hebrew Language at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Taking the lead is Dr. Gabriel Birnbaum, a senior researcher who passionately carries on… […]

Ben Gurion Airport new wing opens

The fourth wing of Ben Gurion Airport opened last week. As air travel and tourism ramps up in numbers, the Israeli Airports Authority created a long-term plan to manage the increase. With the opening of the fourth wing, or Wing E, the airport can now serve about 1,800 more people per hour. The wing was… […]

Scarlet flower season blossoms in Israel

Every year between January and March, a floral phenomenon unfolds across the southern fields of Israel. Aptly called Darom Adom, or Red South, thousands of red anemone flowers blossom to create beautiful red blankets of nature. The red anemone, called kalanit in Hebrew, is Israel’s National flower, and is celebrated every February with a Darom… […]

Asylum seeker deportation triggers anger

The Israeli government and greater community of Israel are going to moral war over about 20,000 asylum seekers who are in danger of being deported from Israel. On January 1, 2018, the government announced that asylum seekers who did not submit a claim would be required to leave the country, or would be indefinitely jailed.… […]

Israeli law revised to feed needy

With over two million Israelis living beneath the poverty line, and just about a third of the country’s food being thrown into the trash, there is one major issue blocking the creation of a sustainable solution – the legal system. For restaurants, event halls, hotels and other food institutions, who could potentially donate unused food… […]