Zum Thema: Ethiopia

Ethiopian Immigrants Land in Israel

The Ethiopian community in Israel spans about 140,000 people, who just welcomed about 40 new members from Ethiopia on March 2. The new arrivals make up about nine families, all who belong to a sect of Jewish descendants called Falash Mura, a community who long ago converted to Christianity, and currently seek a return to… […]

Ethiopian Israelis Protest Against Police Brutality

After 24-year old Ethiopian man, Yehuda Biaga, was shot dead by a police officer, thousands of Israelis took to the streets and demonstrated peacefully against unjust police brutality. Protesters gathered by Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv and caused a standstill in traffic. Their aim was to bring attention to the blatant racism and prejudice they… […]

Learning New Cultures Through Comedy

Five years ago, the Ethiopian – Israeli relationship was tender to say the least. There seemed to be an uprising of unfair abuse and incarceration towards Ethiopian society from the Israeli police, and there were plenty of demonstrations from the local Israeli community against these acts. Today, there’s a comedy to spotlight all of the… […]

Beauty & Brain

The first Ethiopian Israeli woman to win the title of Miss Israel, Yityish ‘Titi’ Aynaw is taking full advantage of her role. Her beauty pageant win in 2013 plunged her into the spotlight, and she’s since proven it’s not only for her beauty, but also for her brains. Since immigrating to Israel with her brother… […]